10 Ways To Fix iPhone Ear Speaker Not Working in 2022

The iPhone is among the most sought-after phones for their excellent experience, but you’ll be anxious in the event that the iPhone earphone is not functioning. It could be that you’re enjoying making a call or ┬ábut then, boom, the iPhone is silent. It doesn’t matter how much you try to solve the issue, it appears to be failing.

Then you discover that everything on your iPhone works fine however the speaker isn’t working. What is the reason for this problem and why is this an issue? What solutions can try to improve the situation? Check out this article to find the answers to each of these questions in a thorough way.


What is the reason there isn’t any sound coming through on iPhone?

The main reason for having the phone, regardless of iPhone or Android is the pleasure of communicating with our family members, loved ones members as well as our friends. I am not sure whether a device which doesn’t allow users to stay connected with people you know and talk to loved ones is truly a phone.

Technology advancements have allowed us to make voice and video calls and listen to calls from family and friends relatives in real time. It is interesting to note that regardless of the type of call, whether it is voice or video, you will require the device’s speaker and microphone.

This is why many get frustrated when the phone’s speaker is not working , or there no sound on the iPhone while other apps may work flawlessly.

What is the reason for the iPhone speaker to stop working?

The iPhone hearing device isn’t working issue can be the result of a variety of issues and most of them you may not be aware of at first. In reality, there are a variety of reasons why there is no sound on the iPhone however other apps are working smoothly.

Here are some possible causes to take the blame for the iPhone the earphones not working issue;

  1. The break is crack in the flex; speakers are composed of speaker and carbon flex that is broken or cracked. If there is cracks or cracks on the former it could be that the iPhone Ear speaker is not working.
  2. dust, water or oil buildups over the surfaces of the speakers; the other reasons for the iPhone earphone not working issue is that dirt, water, or oil may have accumulated on the surfaces, hindering smooth sound outputs
  3. Bugs in software;while the idea may seem somewhat absurd however, there is a fact that bugs and glitches can result in the no sound iPhone issue, most often when background processes affect the functionality of the device.
  4. The case’s exterior is filthy;having dust accumulation within the casing, particularly on the side which connects directly to the speakers could impact the quality of sound.
  5. Hardware malfunction; sometimes the iPhone error of earphones not working may be due to an issue with the hardware, particularly when the internal components in the audio system suffer from a malfunction. This will require support from the customer

How can I solve the iPhone audio earphone not working?

Do you find it difficult to hear people when making call or Face-timing? Do you notice static and crackles while making calls? No matter if you agree or not you’re iPhone speakers may be having problems, and before you realize it, you may find that there’s no sound coming from your iPhone.

Many have experienced similar issues and that’s why this article was created. The article offers 10 quick fixes that you can try prior to going to customer service. The suggested solutions might be successful, but you may need to test one following the second should the first does not work.

Start the device

Restarting a device is a way than giving it the chance to restart. This process usually resolves iPhone’s minor problems, like in particular cases that were due to software issues.

In reality, the first thing to think about in the event that there is no sound coming from your iPhone when you speak is to turn off the device. You never know. It could be the only thing the device needs to hear its sound restored.

Restarting an iPhone isn’t a difficult procedure, and it’s an issue of minutes, perhaps even seconds. Experts say that restarting the device constantly can reduce its lifespan. Therefore, they recommend restarting your phone at least once per week and only if the need arises.

The volume button is up

If you find that there’s no sound coming from your iPhone during a phone video or call It is possible to check that the other feature is working perfectly. If so it’s because the iPhone audio earphone that isn’t working. Instead of putting the call off it is possible to increase the volume and you may be surprised to discover the issue solved.

The benefit of using your volume is as opposed to restarting the iPhone device, increasing the the volume via the side buttons does damage your phone. It could, however, resolve the phone’s speaker issue. It’s as simple as this:

  1. Your fingers slide along the sides
  2. Find them. Volume buttons
  3. Click up on the upward button

If you were unable to hear any sounds on the iPhone due to the volume being not high enough increasing the volume will resolve the issue. iPhone problem with the earphone issue, but you can you can try the following method in case this doesn’t work.

Take the case off and clean it

In the beginning, dust accumulation on the case of the iPhone particularly the part that is connected to the microphone and speaker could be the reason for the lack of sound on iPhone problems.

So, you could decide to take the case off and clean itup, possibly solving the issue. Additionally, it’s an easy fix, and you don’t have to worry about the process.

Before you do that, ensure that you’ve closed any running applications and turn off your device.

Cleanse the microphones and the earphones

The issue with the iPhone hearing aid not working could be caused by dust accumulation over the speaker’s rear as well as microphones. Cleaning the two components could help the device which could resolve the problem of problem of no sound in the iPhone problem.

All you have to do is to remove the case, and then use the brand new brush to clean the surface. Keep in mind it is a delicate component, and you have to be extra cautious when handling it.

The iPhone comes with three speakers: one of them is located near the camera lens The other is located near charger port and third one is close to the earpiece. Take care to clean all of these parts and you may get the iPhone sound restored.

Switch off this feature on the iPhone Sound Cancellation feature

The phone’s noise Cancelation feature is an excellent feature that can help prevent background noise from affecting your calls when you are making calls or Face-timing.

It could cause to the system more harm that good in the event that it causes your system’s sound distorted. Therefore, you may be required to switch off the sound system to ensure that everything is in the proper perspective. This is also a simple action to perform in the manner described listed below.

Navigate to the Settings followed by general

Choose to the accessibility option in the menu

Select Turn Off Phone Noise Cancelation

Check for sound settings

Sometimes, the settings of your sound system can cause an iPhone audio earphone to stop working issue. This is why you could decide to change the your sound settings to help in solving the no sound iPhone problem. To accomplish this, you must follow the straightforward steps below.

  • Click on Settings Then go to general
  • Select the sound
  • On the Vibrate option, click on the the Ring choice.
  • Hit the button turn it switched off.

Check your headphone jack

Do you use your iPhone using a headset while making calls or Face-timing? The jack’s location could be the reason for the speaker’s inability to work. Therefore, it is important to verify the position of the jack in order to identify the source of the problem.

It’s simple and all you have to do is to gently and carefully plug off the headphone and then reconnect it. If you hear the same sound then you are able to rest

It was confirmed that the jack’s location was a direct result of the iPhone hearing aid not working glitch.

Make a change to your iOS

As stated at the start software bugs can result in no sound being heard on the iPhone and could cause Therefore, implementing iOS updates could help resolve the issue at hand and allow you to use Face-time and call your friends. You can follow the steps to make sure you update your iOS;

Click on Settings

Choose”General” from the menu. General option from the menu that has been collapsed.

Change the audio routing settings for the speaker

Your audio routing settings may be the cause of the issue with the iPhone earphone not working. So, attempt to change the device’s audio routing settings to resolve the sound not working on iPhone problem. Use this method:

  • Click Settings in the main menu
  • If you are under the Physical and Motor options choose Call Audio Routing.
  • Click on the speaker option that allows you to make use of either a Bluetooth headset or speaker system

Factory reset of the device

It is possible to reset your factory settings on your iPhone If all the methods mentioned above don’t work. Be aware that this is your final option as it erases all data stored on the phone. If you decide the reset option, be sure that you back up all information prior to doing so. For reset follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to Settings

It is possible to go to the in the event that all of the above fails either without or with reseting the device factory. The staff at the store can help you pinpoint the issue.


The iPhone audio ear speaker is has stopped working. This is a typical issue that can be the result of a variety of factors such as bugs in the software, dust accumulation on the cover, speakers as well as microphones. It could also be due to a crack of the carbon-flex or malfunctioning equipment. It is good news that doing a few steps can help you solve the problem. So, you can reboot the phone, take off the case and wash it along with the speakers and microphones, change the audio settings, alter the settings for call routing to the output of speakers and reset the device factory settings, and then finally, visit Apple Store if all these solutions are unsuccessful.



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