This Android Webview system application is a component of the device that allows any Android apps to show content in their own apps without opening a web browser. A majority of the system webview applications are installed to support unique applications that you can install on an Android phone. Review is among the most powerful operating systems on Android devices as it comes with diverse applications with embedded browser that lets you browse more pages and communicate further with the application.

The main question is will your device function without an android system view as well as what would happen to the other apps dependent on it in the event that you decide to remove it? Based on the version of Android that is running on your device, deactivating the webview system can impact it or not.

Android 7.0, Android 9.0 or Android 8.0 aren’t affected by disabling these important systems. If you’re not sure what’s an Android webview system, or how to get rid of it, do not fret This article will explain everything you need to know about.

What is the Android System WebView app?

Android System Webview is an application in the Samsung, Xioami, or Huawei phones that allows you to display content from other apps without having to open browsers on the web. About 90% of Android phones have this app and other apps including and enabling the swift operation of other iOS Android-supported applications.

Many manufacturers have pre-installed the app. But, while this may require a longer process, you could install the app by using an alternative third-party. Do you require webviews on your system for your android phone in order to use? Yes, every Android device needs webview.

It is an important software that app developers consider useful for their app’s functionality. Webview is a feature that developers include within their apps to let users interact with different web pages.

Webview is the core feature of Android operating systems, which is capable of being upgraded, but not being removed after installation. The update of the webview requires you to upgrade to your Android version with the most current version that is what is the majority of auto-updates.

What is Google’s Android System WebView actually accomplish?

The primary purpose of the Android webView system app is to work with other Android applications, such as Initially, most people could only access various pages of an app using the browser or syntax such as The application’s development has become functional like Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox, since you can now search for specific pages within the application.

The majority of Android compatible apps are built with webview app numbers for efficient working. Webview is one of the reasons you can search for someone using Facebook and and locate them. Webview isn’t available within Google Play Store, it is a must-have for app developers. Google Play Store, it is crucial for app developers.

It has unique capabilities that makes it easy to use through the use of a search tool. A few of the most commonly used apps that are important are The English Dictionary and Diki. Users of these apps consider them appropriate because they don’t have to load the website every time they type in an entry.

Other Webview functions

Developers of apps and websites use it to create new frameworks like PhoneGap as well as Cordova. The framework supports Javascript/HTML applications as well as native Android containers, and allows the apps to work for its behalf. Certain apps, like does not use Webview however it’s an hybrid. It does, however, rely on a C++-based engine.

Review is also utilized to display dynamic content like terms and conditions within the financial industry. It’s safer and more efficient because a single change allows every page to have the same date.

This eliminates the stress of having to visit each page in order to alter similar data. It is also a good option by businesses or companies which have small budget for web development. It is possible to develop an application that provides web-based content through WebView.

Can it be safe? turn off the webview on the system?

A lot of Android users are wondering if they are able to disable the android webview system on their phones, and if they can, what happens. While you are able to disable the system webview on your android phone, there are a variety of underlying issues that must be considered first.

Chrome has taken on a substantial number of users using the Android webview app, which makes both apps redundant , given that it was managed. This means that those running Android, Android 7.0 Nougat, or Android 9.0 Pie are secure even without the webview. If your device does not have any of these, turning it off could cause you to be the victim of the negative consequences.

How do I disable Android webview as the system’s default application?

You are able to disable the android system webview , even if it’s integrated in the latest Android version. 9.0, 8.0, and 7.0. These are the steps that, in the shortest period of time possible it will be turned off;

  • Visit your device or phone settings
  • Just click on the Applications for more information or manage applications
  • Find Android webview system
  • Keep scrolling until you can locate the button to abort as well as the disable button.
  • Tap Ok to confirm.

If you’ve removed your Android webview system Don’t be concerned if you’ll require its services once more. It is also possible to activate it in a short time. Here’s how you can enable Webview in the shortest amount of time feasible;

  • Visit your device or phone Settings
  • Choose Applications and scroll until you find Android System Webview and then click on it.
  • Find dots on the upper right corner to locate the Features. Remove the updates.
  • Select the Storage area or memoryand clear Cache and other information.
  • Click to delete all information as well as cache Then confirm the action by clicking OK.
  • You can download it from the Google Play Store and make your smartphone apps working without issues.

Enabling and disabling the Android system Webview application should not bother you in the least. It is easy to do.

Before you disable the Android system Webview application, you need to confirm your Android version.

Is WebView an infection?

While Android system Webview appears to be safe and free of viruses like however, it could expose your device to threats from potentially vulnerable apps. This is why it creates a distinct kind of security issue on your device.

A good example of how to be a source of security threats is an application that is that is integrated with Webview. Your contacts list is exposed to web-based applications’ Cross-site scripting, which results in the theft of contacts.

However it is true that the Android webview was designed in the current default configuration. This has led to webview being quite restrictive on specific features. If developers don’t disable them the most threats are reduced. Here’s how to activate security features

Delete Javascript

It’s not by it’s default setting that Javascript is turned off in Android Webview. It should be left as is unless stated otherwise. If you enable it, it exposes you and your Android phone or webview on your system to attacks that are vulnerable and can lead to the trust of external sources or users, and allowing incorrect input from users which increases the risk of attack.

But, even though Javascript allows you to reveal your gadget, it’s essential for creating modern applications that rely upon the framework that is hybrid.

Deleting access to resources

When it comes to accessing resources, the scenario varies from one device to the next according to the different types of Androids. So, there are four main kinds of access:

  1. Access to content providers is accurate as default on different versions of Androids. Webview is allowed through Content URL to access the content provided by the service which is already installed in the system.
  2. Local files can be accessed on your phone. Different Android versions, including 11 let Webview access to all documents that the applications are granted access to, and this can be viewed by your information. So, you must disable it within the web settings to limit access.
  3. Clean session memory and cache upon logout. Webview is a similar to a standard browser, except that it is integrated into other applications. This means that it can utilize cookies and Cache and save sensitive data in local storage. To protect yourself, restrict information about users that are stored on the device. This is accomplished by clearing the entire information after you log out.

What happens if you deinstall Android System WebView?

A majority of phone as well as Android makers have their phones running the Android webview system before making it available for sale. This helps users use other apps more easily by gaining access to all features and every page. What happens when you decide to uninstall the webview system application, or how do you remove it?

It is essential to know that it’s almost impossible to remove webview completely from your smartphone. Therefore, you should eliminate Android System Webview completely. You can however remove its functionality without having to root your device. Follow these steps to remove Webview.

How do I uninstall the Android webview system app?

It’s very easy to uninstall the webview for Android manually , or by using the safe remover app for system apps:

  • Download the Safe Remover system app on the Google Play Store
  • Launch the application and look for android webview.
  • Click on it, then click to allow
  • Click to to uninstall
  • After that, confirm the deinstallation

However, if you’re using an older version Android It is dangerous to deinstall webview from the Android system Webview application since it could affect the application’s operation in the Android phone. If, however, you’re running Android Nougat, it’s safe to turn off the Webview app.

Additionally, if you are using other browsers, such as chrome that are disabled, it is important to maintain it because it won’t be able to utilize Chrome WebView’s capabilities. It’s also crucial to remember it is that when Androids are being upgraded the disabled Webview may be turned on automatically. If you don’t require it, make sure to disable it when the update of your Android software.


Webview lets you gain access to various websites on another application running on your device. It also allows for you to view information about various applications without the need for a browser. Webview cannot be permanently removed from your Android device; you can disable it only. Deleting it on an older Android version can limit the application’s functions and may affect the performance of your phone in general. While Webview may not contain virus, it may expose your phone to other security issues. So, make sure you turn off or limit personal information from accessing apps that use Webview.



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