14 Quick Ways to Fix iPhone 13 Pro Max Overheating in 2022

The iPhone may overheat when you’re engaging in games, or charging. In addition, you may not be aware of the reason why your iPhone is overheated in the first in the first place. Although many people treat iPhone 13 Pro Max overheating as a normal problem however, it could be an indication of a more serious issue which could damage the phone and shorten the life of the phone if not addressed.

In this regard, you have to be aware of what iPhone overheating is and what triggers the iPhone to become hot and how to address the issue quickly.

What is the reason why iPhone 13 Pro Max is overheating?

As straightforward as the title suggests, phone overheating is the scenario in which an iPhone 13 pro, which is the maximum version in this case can heat up in ways you may not be able to comprehend.

External and internal factors can cause an iPhone overheat. Understanding the quick solutions will aid in resolving the issue. Sometimes, the overheating can be caused by an external cause that, once removed, causes the device to cool down.

However it is true that letting the iPhone 13 Pro Max heat often could expose the phone to issues with its technology and could reduce its lifespan, which could deny users the opportunity to use the numerous sophisticated features, such as the front-facing features which come in the iPhone 13 Pro Max.


What is the cause of iPhone overheating?

Before we can figure out how to stop an iPhone overheated, whether when charging or using it, it is important to understand the reasons that cause the device to become hot and the battery to drain.

In this way, you’re better equipped to comprehend the ways in which troubleshooting techniques are connected to the issue.


There are a variety of reasons you iPhone 13 Pro Max is super hot, with the most prominent 9 reasons listed below:

  1. External influences, like the hot summer days can cause iPhone overheating, especially if the device is exposed to direct sunlight.
  2. Switching chargers, such as the use of the iPhone charger which isn’t compatible with, can cause excess heat and cause battery drain.
  3. Hardware issues could also result in iPhone overheating, mostly because the device is trying to resolve the issue
  4. Bugs in the app and glitches in the background could be the reason for an iPhone that is overheated since the device is strained to resolve them.
  5. Being able to have multiple applications on the go consumes battery power and can cause the iPhone to heat up since it feels like the device is overwhelmed


  1. The use of iPhone 13 Pro Max while charging can also overcharge it and result in the issue of overheating and shortening the battery’s life
  2. If you keep the iPhone running for a prolonged duration, like weeks without shutting it down or turning it off can also trigger the overheating issue
  3. Continuously streaming for long periods of time can could exhaust the iPhone which can lead to hot
  4. A large phone can cause heating problems, especially in hot weather

How can I solve iPhone 13 Pro Max overheating problems?

The previous article has highlighted the primary reasons for the iPhone 13 Pro Max may overheat during charging, resting or while making use of it.

You are better equipped to identify the issue. The below steps will aid you in stopping and solve your iPhone 13 Pro Max overheating problem.


  • Be sure to check for heating sources that are external.
  • Make sure the phone is covered.
  • Monitor applications
  • Quit gaming
  • Update applications
  • Quit streaming
  • Utilize Wi-Fi instead of cell data
  • Make sure to restart your iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Make sure you update your iOS to the most up-to-date version
  • Restart the device.
  • Switch off the location service.
  • Reset all settings
  • Restore your iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Find help


1- Examine for any external heating elements

There are many factors that could lead to the iPhone 13 Pro Max device to overheat. One of these could be external elements. For instance, are you experiencing hot summer day and is your device facing directly into the sun?

Do you have your phone plugged into the car’s heating vent?


Do you charge your iPhone using a different type of charger than the one that you purchased it with?

These factors can all contribute to the problem with heating. If the answer to any or all of the questions above is yes then then be quick to act to resolve the issue of your phone heating up.

In other words, you should remove the phone from your heater in your car or out of the direct light. If you’re using a different charger make sure it’s Apple-approved and that the Wattage and voltage match the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

2- Examine your phone’s cover


Although it may seem like an external issue but it’s a significant factor and should be dealt with as a whole. A bulky and resistant to shock iPhone casethat is able to trap and focus lots of heat onto the phone could cause the phone overheat.

Additionally, a bulky covering that traps heat, combined with the other factors mentioned previously, can cause more problems. For example, if it’s extremely hot and you’ve placed your heavily-covered iPhone 13 Pro Max on the car’s heat vent , or in the direct sunlight, it can result in overheating.


So, make sure you check the case as part of diagnosing the problem of overheating and then you can take it off. It’s not difficult to identify that the phone’s case is at fault as it gets hot when the iPhone gets hot.

3-Monitor applications

You must be aware of the applications on your phone since they may be the primary cause of the heat issue. For example running applications that are running in background uses up memory and battery, and can overload the phone, leading to it to freeze and overheat.


Experts have even suggested that apps that hang can send iPhone 13 Pro Max and any other device in a slow mode, creating that iPhone to become overheated..


In this way the smartphones are all vulnerable to heating caused by apps which is why you must check your apps for heat to avoid the issue of overheating.


If you notice that certain apps are not working and you do not utilize them, you may stop them right away to fix your iPhone 13 Pro Max overheating problem. In addition, clearing the cache of heavier apps can also assist in fixing the heating issue.

4- Quit gaming


Are you playing whilst charging the iPhone 13 Pro Max? It’s dangerous for the phone as well as you and you should immediately stop the game. The reason is that games use massive quantities of resources, particularly graphically intensive games and games that require a lot of resources.


But, heavy resource usage and graphically heavy designs use up the memory as well as RAM and make the device work faster. The problem is that if the device is unable to keep up with the speed required it can overheat and could cause

It gets worse when engaging in games and charging your iPhone 13 Pro Max since the charging process alone can cause a lot of stress to the device. Gaming can make things worse.

In this case, you should stop playing games as soon as you recognize that the iPhone is heating up regardless of whether you’re charging it or not.

5Update applications

As you can see from the start Overheating of phones can be the result of problems with the application. This is especially true when there are glitches in the background that aren’t apparent to you and are causing major issues, and also overheating problems.


Additionally, not having the latest version of applications implies that they’ll be on hold at times and can be a burden on the device.

However, as we’ve mentioned before hanging apps don’t just consume large amounts of RAM but also strain the iPhone 13 Pro Max, creating overheating issues.


So, when you notice that your iPhone 13 Pro Max gets hot, you should check for updates and run the updates, if there are any. To do, proceed as follows;

  1. On the top menu from the main menu, you can access Settings From the main menu, select Settings. You can also access it by sliding down on the homepage
  2. App Store Access App Store
  3. Click here to go to Today
  4. Select the Profile option and all due updates will be displayed.
  5. Go to Update and then Install to activate the process.

The system updates apps automatically which are due for updates within minutes. This will solve the issue of heating at least to an extent, though not completely.

6- Quit streaming

As you can see from the beginning The prolonged streaming can cause damage to any phone and could cause them to overheating.

This is also true with similar scenarios for the iPhone 13 Pro Max model which’s temperature can rise significantly due to the long-running streaming.


So, you should quit streaming mode to allow the phone to cool. Although the phone may not be cool immediately but it will surely in the course of time.

7- Use Wi-Fi instead mobile data

When you can, make use of Wi-Fi whenever you can to connect to the internet instead of This is due to the fact that wi-fi is far more reliable than data from cellular and won’t strain you iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Of course, allowing your phone to connect to the internet will heat its iPhone 13 Pro Max, regardless of the source of internet. However, the reliability of Wi-Fi will make it less burdensome for the phone and less likely trigger the overheating issue..


Here are the steps to switch your data connection to Wi-Fi:

  • Tap the screen downwards starting from above.
  • The device’s control center , which has many components, which include Cellular data as well as Wi-Fi
  • Click onto the mobile data component to disable it.
  • If you are still unable to connect to the internet you can touch the Wi-Fi feature to turn on

It is recommended to allow some time between shutting off your data on mobile phones and activating the Wi-Fi connection. This allows your device time to cool prior to connecting the Internet. This could cause the phone to overheat. problem.


8. Reboot your iPhone 13 Pro Max

The process of restarting the iPhone 13 Pro Max should always be your first choice as it can resolve most problems, including overheating. Most issues that you face while using your iPhone can be resolved quickly simply by activating restarting the start-up option.

The great thing about restarting an phone is that it’s an easy process that requires no expertise to perform. However, experts advise that restarting devices such as one like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, has its own negatives.


While it can help jumpstart your system it shortens the iPhone longevity, particularly frequent in restarting your phone a lot. This is why you should not restart the phone unless you feel there is the requirement to.

If not, resuming the device every week is completely secure. If the above suggestions do not work to solve the issue of overheating Try restarting the device using the following steps:

  1. In the menu at the top, you can access Settings
  2. Visit General
  3. On the main menu, choose Shut Down.

– – Update your iOS to the most recent version

Most of the time it is the case that an old version of iOS can cause iPhone models, such as those running the max model, overheat. Is your iPhone getting hot? Try to update iOS to the most recent version and you could be surprised to find the issue solved.

Furthermore it is not as difficult as the other fixes. All you require is a reliable internet connection. After everything is resolved you can proceed as follows:

  • On the top menu open the Settings app.


  • Make sure you confirm the process by clicking the Download and Install option.

In the event that iPhone was overheating, and the problem was due to glitches or software bugs that are caused by an outdated iOS The procedure above can resolve the issue. Naturally, the device will not completely cool off but it will cool down after a certain period of time.

10- Restart of the device

If a phone, like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, continues to run for a long period of time without restarting, the device is exhausted and shows up as overheated.

Therefore, forcing restarting the iPhone might help in fixing the problem of overheating. To force restart, go in the following manner:

There fore, forcing restarting the iPhone could help fix the problem of overheating. For force restarting, follow the steps as follows:

  • Release and press the button for volume up button rapidly in rapid sequence
  • Release and press the volume button quickly in rapid sequence
  • Release and press the power button rapidly in quick in rapid
  • Repeat the steps until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

11- Disable the services for location

The presence of the location service could create it possible for the iPhone 13 Pro Max become hot. This is due to the fact that the enabler of the location service utilizes data and connects to various other apps, which could end up making the phone more heavy. To disable the location service, follow this procedure in the following manner:

  1. Navigate to Settings
  2. Click on the option to turn off the privacy
  3. Click on the Location Services
  4. Turn the knob to change it

12- Reset all settings

If the suggestions above aren’t able to resolve the iPhone overheating problem, you might need to reset your settings. This should resolve all bugs that affect the background due to settings. This may not be apparent to you, may be the cause of the issue of overheating. Here are the steps for resetting all settings.

  • Navigate to settings in the main menu
  • Press the button to activate General
  • Select to select the transfer or reset iPhone option.
  • Click Reset
  • Make sure you confirm this action by clicking to confirm the action by clicking option to reset all settings option.

13- Restore your iPhone 13 Pro Max

It’s like factory resetting an android phone. It erases all data stored on the phone and wipes any corrupted files. This is why you have to backup your data prior to beginning the process. Once you’ve completed your backup, follow the steps in the following manner:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click to open General Options. Generaloption
  3. Click on Transfer or Reset to transfer your iPhone
  4. Reconfirm the restoration by clicking on to confirm restoration by clicking the Erase all settings and Contents option.

14- Request help

If the above options are unsuccessful, the issue may be more complex. You may need to visit the to allow the issue to be addressed. Make sure you plan your actions carefully to save the overheated iPhone.


iPhone 13 Pro Max can be hot due to a variety of causes such as hardware issues software bugs, hardware malfunctions, and external causes. If the problem with the heating isn’t addressed it may cause damage to the device, which could reduce its life span. This article provides 14 steps that can assist you in fixing the iPhone overheating issue.



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