14 Ways to Fix #images Not Working on iPhone in 2022

What is the reason #images are not working or GIFs that aren’t being loaded in your iPhone? What can you solve the problem? It is possible that you are looking for solutions for these queries. Continue reading to learn about 14 solutions and the reason for this issue for your iPhone What’s the reason my #images are not working on my iPhone?

An iPhone includes an built-in GIF keyboard, dubbed #images. This feature on images allows users to search for different GIFs and also send and receive them effortlessly.

However there have been numerous complaints of complaints from Apple users. People who have complained claimed that when using the images feature of the Messages application users were unable to send GIFs and pictures to friends. Additionally, free msg is not able to send a message and blocking text messages.

In other cases, the images that were searched for could not be discovered. They also received the message “Could not share image. The connection to the internet appears to be inactive.”

With reports of #images/GIF not working, it is crucial to determine the cause and for this issue and possible solutions for images or gifs which are not functioning on iPhone.


4 Common Causes of #images/GIFs not Working

Being aware of the source of the issue makes it simpler to solve. Similar to that knowing what causes the pictures to not function on your iPhone then you’ll come up with the solution. Here are a few of the causes that the feature may not function on your iPhone;

1. The image feature may not be available in your area.

The most important thing to bear in your mind is that Apple created this feature to be specifically for a specific country. There are certain countries and regions that it’s available in and is accessible however there are some other locations that aren’t accessible. it.

So, if #images do inaccessible on your iPhone and you are not able to locate the device, then the location setting isn’t accessible on your device, which could result in the issue. The feature for images can be found in these countries:

  • The USA
  • Canada
  • The UK
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • Philippines
  • Italy
  • India
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland

Thus, the images could not work because the setting for the region isn’t the correct one. That means that if this feature isn’t available in your area It may not function regardless of the actions you take to correct the issue.

However, if you’re located in a location that supports this feature, but you have images/GIFs not working on your iPhone then follow the steps below to solve the issue.

2- An old iOS

If you’re iPhone is running an older version of iOS there could be issues with your applications. So, the #images feature in the Messages app might not function as well.

3- Poor internet connection

Sometimes, you might encounter issues connecting to your Wi-Fi and mobile device data. In some instances connections, it could be slow. This could cause #images to not work , which could be the source of the issue.

4 Faulty System

It is possible to experience images or GIFs not functioningdue to the entire system experiencing glitches. The issue could be fixed within a few minutes.

14 Solutions to Repair #images That Aren’t working on iPhone

If this happens to you then you should follow the steps below to correct the issue;

1Restart the SMS App

The issue you’re having is likely to be caused by an error within the Messages application. In the event that Messages app isn’t functioning and the feature #images could be affected too and cease to function.

So, you can resolve the issue by restarting your Messages application. If you own an iPhone Xs Max and any older versions, you have scroll from top to bottom of the iPhone screen to launch its App Switcher.

In old versions of iPhone like iPhone 8 and earlier, you have to double-click on to open the home button of your phone. After opening an app switcher App Switcher application, then you are able to shut down the Messages app by hand.

Then, go back on the home screen and launch the app once more. After you have reopened the Messages app You can test using the #images option and check if the issue is resolved.

2- Re-addition of images

Another option to fix the issue is to restore the missing photos back onto your iPhone. How do you do this? In order to add your #images again on messages, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the messages app on your device
  2. Browse an existing message or create an entirely new one
  3. Tap the ” A” icon, swipe left, then press to reveal the ” More” icon in the drawer of the app.
  4. Press ” Edit
  5. Take out from the #image
  6. Re-insert to the image #.

3. Make sure your SMS is in

If you send a text message to someone else who doesn’t have an iPhone and the pictures aren’t working then you should verify that your phone can transmit normal text messages. To do this, do the following:

  • Click on ” Settings” on your iPhone.
  • Select messages
  • Make sure the switch next to ” Send an SMS” is turned on. It could also be on in a green state.

Most of the time you’ll see the #images GIF result not functioning when you see the bubbles appearing in Messages as green instead of blue. So, take the steps listed above to resolve the issue.

4 Factory reset your iPhone

A iPhone Factory Reset could offer an answer to #images or GIFs not working. Therefore, you should give it a go. This is a major step as it erases all data on your iPhone.

So, it is recommended to do this only if it is necessary and after having attempted all fixes that you can think of. To factory reset your iPhone You can follow these steps:

  • Visit Settings on the iPhone Settings.
  • Press ” General
  • Press ” Reset
  • Choose ” Erase All Content and Settings
  • Confirm erase in the pop-up window.

After you’ve completed the reset then wait a while so that the reset can be completed. If you are asked to enter an iPhone passcode, then supply it.

So, you should backup your phone logs, messages apps, messages, and so on prior to doing this.

5- Verify the connection to your internet
If you suspect that the connectivity to the network is at primary reason for the #images being unresponsive, you can test a different connection. You can even choose the

So, you can try connecting to another wireless network, to see if it is accessible.

In addition, you can be sure it is Cellular data is enabled for your iPhone. It could help you solve the issue.

6Reset network settings

If you’re still not able to find an answer to the problem of images or GIF being inaccessible, If you’re still stuck,you may reset network preferences on your iPhone.

If you are thinking of performing this, you have be aware that this action could erase the settings of your network.

For example, if you saved your Wi-Fi passwords they’ll be erased. If you wish to reset your network settings for your iPhone.

  • Click Settings in your iPhone.
  • Click on ” General“.
  • Tap on Reset to reset.
  • Select Reset Network Settings

This could result in your #images to work again. You would not want to erase and delete the settings for your network, like Wi-Fi passwords for no reason do you?

7 Start your iPhone

If you’ve tried the solutions above, but images or GIF aren’t working, you could also turn off the iPhone for a few minutes.

Then, turn it off and the phone will be connected with the Internet. Rebooting your iPhone will help eliminate bugs.

This simple action will help you resolve #images that aren’t working.

8. Update iOS to the most recent version

Sometimes, you might encounter images that aren’t working due to it could be because you are using an older Version of iOS.

This version could cause these issues, so when a new version becomes available, make sure you update your current version to the the most recent version.

You can upgrade to the latest version of iOS using the instructions below.

  • Visit Settings on the iPhone Settings.
  • Click on ” General“.
  • Find ” Software Update
  • Click the ” Software Update
  • Select the ” Download & Install” option.

After pressing ” Download & Install” then just close the page to continue. The good thing is iPhone immediately checks for updates each time you tap at ” Software Update“.

Thus, the best solution for fix the images that are not producingresults could be an update to the iOS.

9Disconnect and reconnect WIFI connection

If your #images aren’t running ,the problem could be the connectivity to the internet, and not images. If you’re using Wi-Fi connectivity you are able to disconnect and reconnect at any time.

This can be done by shutting off Wi-Fi and waiting for a few minutes before reconnecting to see how #images function.

Then, you can reconnect them and verify whether the images work. However when you’re making use of mobile internet, make sure that the connection is stable to eliminate any doubts about whether it could be the reason for images not working. .

10 Change the defaults

In some instances, certain settings might be altered in your iPhone. This could cause certain features , like #images, not work correctly. Thus, resetting all the settings on your iPhone could help fix the issue.

It has been successful on numerous occasions, and it could be able to solve this issue too. To accomplish this you should take the following steps:

  • First Step: Navigate to Settings on your iPhone, then tap ” General“.
  • Step 2. Scroll to the bottom of the page until you can find ” Reset“.
  • Step 3. Click the ” Reset“. Then, click ” Reset All Settings“.

11- Modify your region settings

The #images feature of Apple is a specific country feature. This means that you’re having a issue because the setting for your region isn’t supported.

Therefore, if you’re in a country in which the feature is accessible You can change to a different region.

However If it’s unobtainable in your region You can choose the US as the region.

  • Navigate to the Settingson your device
  • Tap on General
  • Choose the language and region.
  • Tap Region
  • Choose a different country that the feature is available countries like Canada, the US, UK, Canada. Etc.
  • Exit Settings
  • You can restartyour iPhone
  • Click Settings
  • Click on General
  • Choose again Location and Language
  • Revert your region to the region you were in.

The procedure mentioned above to alter the region settings can to make the #images responsive and begin working.

12- Make use of GIPHY

If #images aren’t workingand you’re not able to send GIFs also, then you’ll be able to find an answer. Another option to solve the issue involves downloading the GIPHY App on the Apple Store.

It is available in the Manage section. After downloading you are able to activate it. If you own GIPHY installed on your software, you can utilize it to find the exact same content with the same format those in #images.

13- Try the iOs repair tool for your system

If you’ve tried all possibilities of solutions If you are unable to resolve the issue, don’t abandon the cause. Try Anyfix, which can be described as an iOS system recovery. It is described as the only solution to resolve a variety of iPhone as well as other Apple issues with your device in a matter of minutes.

This program will can get your iPhone functioning and normally again without losing any information. Like we said, a reason for images not functioningcan be due to a malfunction in the system.

Thus, you can make use of this Anyfix tool to fix problems in the system. This software will aid you in getting your images working once more. In addition, using this tool for repairing your system you can resolve more than 130 iPhone problems, including and much more.

Furthermore, you will be able to get the most recent version of the software and visit System Repair to fix the issues and issues that plague your iPhone.

The advantage of this program is that it is able to work in few clicks, doesn’t require any knowledge or knowledge, and it does not erase any information.

To reap the benefits, download it now to begin taking advantage of its benefits. In addition, it will aid you in solving issues with #images and gifs that are not working on your iPhone.

14 Contact Apple

After trying all possible solutions but without success If you’ve tried everything but failed, contact Apple for assistance. In the end, it’s the solution you’ve been searching for. If you decide to consider this as your last option you can do it by sending your contact details in an email. Or calling them.

They provide their phone numbers for various countries listed on their website So you can search and find the number that is for your country.The user can go through their support website to find immediate answers to any questions you may have.

You can do this by going to on the Apple Support site for help and queries. Additionally, you can visit to receive assistance and suggestions from fellow Apple users.

It would be great to receive advice and assistance from someone else who might have had similar problems to yours?

In this article, you’ll find the advice they used to resolve their problems. Try the same method and check if it works with your iPhone as well.

Why Does Your GIF/#images Return There are no results?

If you’ve ever attempted to text GIFs to your friends GIF but the search engine kept saying there were no results, you could have felt dissatisfied. But, what could lead to this?

  1. If you’ve disabled your MMS. If you switch off MMS and your GIF may not be able to find results, so you’ll be told ” No Results“.
  2. the Reduce Motion Function in your iPhone is turned on. The Reduce Motion Function serves the aim of limiting motion of theĀ as well as preserving the battery life of your phone. This means that when activated, features like GIFs are not functioning on iPhone.
  3. Image feature is disabled. If this feature is turned off in the Messages application is disabled and you don’t get results when searching for GIFs. This is why you should resolve this issue using the Settings menu. When you’re there, select Cellular Then select the picture to switch on the feature.
  4. A lot of GIFs within conversations. Sometimes your conversations might be loaded with GIFS thus making it difficult for other users to load. It is possible to resolve GIF problems by deleting certain conversations.

How do I fix #images that don’t produce results?

Have you tried the feature #images in the Messages app and then encountered #images but no results? Here are some of the suggestions you can follow to solve the issue;

  1. You can turn on Hashtag images in the cell data. This can be done using the following steps;
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on Cellular/Mobile Data
  4. In the cell phone data, turn on Hashtag images. Cellular data, toggle on Hashtag images
  5. Switch off MMS and then turn it back on.
  6. Turn off #images and then switch the feature back on. This is completed via using the Messages app.

Fix #images Cannot Display The Results On iPhone

After taking quality photos with your iPhone You’ll probably want to take pleasure in looking at them and share photos with your family and friends. Sometimes, however, images won’t open. What do you do to fix images which aren’t loading? Use the suggestions listed below.

Clear some storage space in your device. images might fail to load due the insufficient storage capacity on the iPhone.

Also, if there is massive and apps that you have not used or any other files you don’t use on your iPhone, you are able to remove them from your device to free up space in your memory.

The great thing is that you will determine what takes up the most area on the device. If you’re interested in knowing this, follow the following steps:

  • Visit Settings. Setting app.
  • Click on General
  • Choose Storage and the iCloud Usage
  • Under Storage, click on ” Manage Storage“. When you’re there you will be able to view your stored information
  • Check out your list of applications and note the amount of memory used by each of them.
  • If you find one or two files that take up large amounts of memory that it’s not something you need the space, you can dispose from it through disabling it.
  • In this manner in this way, you can create a memory in this way, you create some memory.
  • The Optimize Storage feature It is possible to switch it off in the iPhone to assist with the issue.
  • Make use of iCloudUse iCloud If nothing else works to solve the problem You can view your photos via your iCloud website.
  • Log into this iCloudwebsite by using an internet browser.
  • Then, click Photosand you’ll be able to view them and download the photos you find interesting.


Apple offers a highly effective feature within the Messages app called #images. You can send and receive images as well as GIFs from your friends. As you are an Apple users, it is possible that you might occasionally have issues with#images not working, or #GIF not working resultson you iPhone.

They can be quite challenging. This article given the causes and the causes of these issues, as well as what you can do to resolve the issue to ensure that the application functions smoothly and efficiently.



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