8 Ways to Fix Verizon Sim Card Not Working in 2022

A lot of users are on Verizon are complaining about their Sim card being unable to work in iPhone and Android phones. What is this message referring to and how can you repair an issue with a sim card that is not recognized and not registered on a phone that is not locked? Read this article to find answers to these questions.

Verizon is among the three major networks in the USA as well as as well as service providers. There are many customers and has every reason. It has numerous towers and signal strength is strong where these towers are situated. Additionally, Verizon guarantees users good connectivity and signal strength no matter where they travel. Therefore, you’ll are not in any danger whether you’re traveling outside of urban areas into rural or suburban regions.

What’s wrong with the Verizon SIM cardno longer working?

Before diving into details on how to fix the ‘Verizon SIM card is not working Let’s look at what the problem is. It’s an easy and rare issue that you’ll be experiencing if you’re an Verizon subscriber.

The name implies”Verizon SIM card not working with iPhone as well as Android phones’ issue comes out when the SIM card-reading device is not able to detect the magnetic surface of the chip.

What is the result what happens if Verizon SIM chip isn’t working?

Its SIM card acts as a tiny chip, but it’s the brain or the central point that powers the Android smartphone or iPhone and, without it, you’ll miss out on a variety of fundamental features. For instance, you’ll not be capable of making or receiving calls from your phone, nor will you be able to send or receive text messages.

In addition, you won’t be able to connect to cellular data, thus denying you the possibility of using apps that require a connection, like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube along with

Additionally the majority of video conferencing applications require a data connection and you won’t be able to utilize the apps if you’re an Verizon subscriber with a SIM card is not compatible in conjunction with your device.

What is the reason for what causes the Verizon SIM card to not work? error?

Prior to attempting to fix the Verizon SIM card that isn’t working first, you must focus on knowing what is causing it. This is essential since knowing what caused the issue can be the key to resolving the problem.

But, you may not have the answer until you have tried the ways to solve the problem below and determine what you can do to fix it.

Here are the top 7 reasons you may experience your Verizon SIM card that isn’t functioning or not being detected the card on either you iPhone and Android phone. Take a look at each and determine which one is the most effective for you.

  1. It’s the SIM card isn’t identified: Verizon lists its SIM card to activate the card however, not listing your card could be the cause of the “Verizon SIM card not recognized’ error.
  2. Network outage Sometimes the issue is with the service provider i.e., Verizon in particular, if there’s an outage on its network. This even though it is not common it could result in the ‘Verizon sim card is not working message.
  3. location: your current physical location could also be the reason for the ‘Verizon Sim card not working’ error that appears on iPhone or Android, particularly in the event that the coverage offered by the carrier does not cover it.


  1. Hardware problems: especially those related to the SIM card-reading element, may cause an Verizon SIM card not being being recognized or an error message that is registered
  2. S problems with IM cards: when SIM cards are in need of repairs, such as being damaged, damaged or have dust or accumulation of moisture, the reading component might not be able to detect the magnetic surface. This could result in to report the Verizon SIM card to not work and
  3. Compatibility issues: if the phone you’re making use of the SIM card isn’t CDMA-enabled “Verizon SIM card is not working’ error could appear.
  4. A phone locked to network: if your Android or iPhone device is locked to network and cannot accept other network operator, such as Verizon You may be experiencing an error message stating that the SIM cards not being used or an errors.

How do I solve Verizon SIM card that isn’t working?

There are numerous reasons that can cause this Verizon Sim card that isn’t working and there are hacks to fix it. These are the basic steps you can apply to fix the sim cards which isn’t working or not being recognized;

1- Verify for the SIM card

As previously mentioned in the past, as mentioned previously, the Verizon SIM card not working could be due to a variety of reasons, such as damage to the SIM card, or the card improperly placed on the SIM tray.

So, the first step you can try to do in order to fix the issue is to determine whether it is damaged, and ensure that it’s being stored in the tray taking the steps below:

  1. Shut down all applications that are running
  2. Turn off the device
  3. Make use of your SIM card to eject the instrument then gently take the SIM card tray off. SIM card from the tray
  4. Take out your SIM card Examine it for damage
  5. Place the SIM card onto the tray, then pull it up slowly
  6. Startthe device and see if the error persists.

2. Wipe away dirt and dust from the Verizon SIM card.

Like other SIM card that has magnetic surfaces dirt or dust buildup on the surface may cause the Verizon malfunction, resulting in the card to not work or displaying an error message that is not recognized in this case, you could take out the SIM card following the above steps and then gently taking care to clean the surface of dirt and moisture with a ball of cotton wool. While doing this be aware that the surface can be susceptible to scratches and damage and shouldn’t be placed directly on it.

3. Check whether you can find the SIM card is included

The use of an unregistered SIM card could trigger an Verizon SIM card to not be recognized error message since the card can only be permitted to use if it is registered in the database of the carrier.

This means that you can verify the listing in investigating the Verizon SIM card is not working message. It’s a straightforward process that follows the steps below.

  • Dial *228 from the dial pad
  • Select option one
  • Wait for the network to be initialized as a sign of confirmation to confirm that it is the provider network recognizes Verizon as the owner of Verizon SIM card.

4. Check if the phone works to work with Verizon’s SIM card.

This can be solved by resolving the SIM card is not working message, especially in the case of an entirely brand new phone for the very first time. Make sure to use the Verizon sim card to function on any device.

The Android or iPhone must be CDMA-activated and Verizon-enabled and CDMA-activated. Therefore, not meeting all of these requirements leads to compatibility issues and prompts the error message that we have discussed. To determine if the device you are using can be said to be Verizon and CDMA-enabled, go through the manual for users that came with it.

5- Verify the SIM card to verify activation

If you’re a brand new Verizon subscriber If you are a new Verizon subscriber, the Verizon SIM card is not activated. This error may be due to activation problems. While an SIM card, such as one from Verizon is technically in use by the time you insert it into an iPhone or Android phone, it isn’t always the situation.

Therefore, you can verify the activation by calling the Verizon hotline in your area and then calling it to verify that the newly activated SIM account’s activated status.

6- Determine the cause of a network issue

Sometimes, the outage of the network by the carrier could be the reason for this Verizon SIM card not working error message. There’s no way to verify this, unless you check with the customer support desk. As with Step (v) earlier, you can reach for Verizon’s customer service desk by calling the hotline for your region.

7. Restart your device

A fresh start on your Android or iPhone will resolve most issues, such as as well as that the Try this method to resolve you’re getting the Verizon SIM card not working error message doesn’t stop showing up. Follow the steps below to restart your device

  1. Stopall the running applications
  2. Press on the power button
  3. Between the two or two (depending on the model of your device) choices that pop up choose the option to restart.

The phone turns off and on, solving the issue with the SIM card that’s not working for the iPhone and Android.

8. Factory reset of the phone

The factory reset option is your final option as it erases all data stored in the phone. It is the only solution that you need to try prior to calling support , but be sure that you’ve backuped all your data prior to. The steps below apply to factory resets

  1. Navigate to the Settings menufrom on the menu at the top
  2. Go to General
  3. Click the the Backup button and then Restore
  4. Make sure you confirm the actions through clicking Reset when you are done.

If all of the steps above do not work you, call Verizon’s support hotline in your area. It may also be necessary change the SIM card if you find that it’s damaged scratched or broken or is damaged.


In the final analysis, Verizon is a wonderful carrier network, however its Verizon SIM card that is not functioningerror can cause one to have an issue, particularly when he is unable to carry out basic tasks. However, it is possible to resolve the issue by following a couple of simple steps-by-step instructions. For example, restarting the device and checking the card for activated and listed, looking at your phone’s compatibility with Verizon compatibility, calling support at customer service, removing the SIM card and then placing it back, or resetting the device to factory settings could aid in resolving the issue.



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