How To Fix Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls

The mobile network of cellular phones isn’t available for voice calls . This error is not uncommon and many encounter this issue when using Android as well as iPhone phones. If you’re on the way back home from a trip or in the middle of travel, you could encounter the no cellular network available error, which can occur on and off when you attempt to make calls.

Fortunately, the fact that the mobile network is not being available can be a more system glitch which should disappear automatically over period of time. But, it could linger particularly if it stems due to a malfunctioning operating system and can stop users from making vital calls. What is the cause of the error and how can you correct it? Continue reading this article to answer these questions.

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  1. How can you get rid of the ‘cellular service not accessible for voice calls error message?

What does the term “cellular network” not working for voice calls?

Before we get into the intricacies of resolving the mobile network that’s not available for voice calls message, we must be aware of the reason for the error. Like the name implies, this is a common issue that is caused by mobile’s settings for data do not permit calls using voice. It’s a problem that is common on Android phones like Motorola and Samsung, however Samsung Galaxy devices are outstandingly susceptible to this issue.

What is the reason my phone says that the cell network is not accessible to make calls?

Carrier networks frequently change their systems and may include some modifications that your device may aren’t be compatible. In addition, regular glitches happen in the background. This can cause system errors which compromise mobile data.

So, even simple tasks such as making calls may take a while to complete. Furthermore the SIM card may be infected or obsolete, which can cause a disruption in the availability of data, making it impossible to make calls.

In addition, battery issues can be the cause for the cellular network not working for calls, but this isn’t a very common. However there are a few hacks that could be all you require to get rid of the issue and make calls.

Your location could trigger the ‘cellular network not accessible error

The SIM card allows cellular data to be accessible, as well as voice calls are also possible. However, the location you are currently in may have to do with the cellular network’s issues. In particular, your carrier’s network might not cover the area you’re in, which means you have to pick a new operator in order to keep the cell data in circulation and make calls with ease.

Luckily, many Android phones, including Samsung are designed in a manner that they detect the moment you go to an area with the same carrier network and prompt you to choose the new network.

Some people, however, prefer not to turn off the automatic update and the device will not inform users of any changes in availability of the carrier network. In this case, you could be notified that the cellular network isn’t accessible in voice calling’ warning, and must choose an alternative operator to make voice calls.

How do you fix the cellular network that isn’t available in voice calling error

As we’ve mentioned before that the mobile phone network that does not allow calls is usually due to system issues and should go away in a short time. If it does not, however follow the easy steps described in the subsequent sections may help you resolve the issue.

1. Make sure your flight’s mode has been switched turned off

If you turn the mode of flight turned on cell phone data is cut off automatically. Therefore the first thing you should do when the ‘cellular network is not accessible in voice calling’ issue occurs is to ensure you are in the right flight mode. turned off.

The good news is that it’s an easy process that will not be a burden. All you need do is go to the Home and then go to Settings and choose the Flight Mode.

If it’s turned off, switch it off just like the image below, hopefully resolving the problem of no cell network error.

2. Choose an operator from the network

As we mentioned in the beginning the fact that you’re in a location that isn’t covered by your mobile network could be the reason why your cell data is not being transmitted. This is normal in the event that you have an option to turn the Network Operator automatic update off.

This means that you will need go to Settings and select manually an operator. To stop this from occurring at a later date, alter your Network Operator settings to update automatically when you move. You can do so by;

  • Click on the Settingsfrom the main menu on the Home page.
  • Choose wirelessand the Network
  • Find the Mobile Network
  • Select or select the Network Operator or the preferred type of network
  • Select five-year old as well as 4G when available.

This will automatically update your network provider when you move to prevent the ‘cellular service is not accessible in voice calling’ problem from repeating.

3. Change your battery

Although it may seem a bit absurd but there’s a lot of factual basis to it. The battery issue could be the primary reason the reason for your cell network issues, which make the impossible for you to take phone calls. You need resolve them in order to avoid these errors from happening.

A case in point is that having an old battery could result in your phone switching off repeatedly which can disrupt the flow of data

4. Restart the device.

Incredibly, rebooting the Android phone could resolve many issues that plague your device for example, your

So, you could decide to reboot the phone if the methods discussed above are not able to correct the problem. Restarting your device is an easy process comprising the following steps

  1. Stop all running applications
  2. Press the power button for a while.
  3. Choose ‘ Restart‘ when two choices such as start and turn off appear on the screen
  4. You must confirm the procedure with a click OK on the pop-up which requires permission to restart the device.

5. Update the device

The carrier networks might release updates that can cause the ‘cellular mobile network is not accessible to make voice calls’ issue especially if the device you use isn’t compatible with the most recent updates.

In this case, you’ll need to upgrade your Samsung and Motorola device to resolve the issue with the mobile network that is not working. Follow the steps below to update your phone’s system updates

  • Navigate to Settings in the main menu
  • Click on in the system tab and locate” About Device” or ” About Phone” ” About Device” or ” About Phone” option.
  • Tap and find ” Software update
  • Press ” Check for updates
  • If you have an more recent Version of OS available then install it.

This fixes the no-cellular-network-available issue, in the event that they were caused by updates to the system. Some phones display the ” Software Update immediately under the System tab, therefore you shouldn’t be concerned if you spot it immediately after you click the tab System.

6. Take out your SIM card and insert it

If you’ve got the SIM card that is not properly put on its tray your device could be prone to errors, like the non mobile network o

Thus, you can verify whether the SIM card is sitting squarely on the plate as part of the process of diagnosing the issue. It’s as easy by using your SIM card’s pin to gently poke the plate. This is pulled out, removing the SIM card and then puts it back. Start the device again hoping to fix the mobile network not being available problem.

7. Factory resets the device

If the other options mentioned above do not resolve the issue of the cellular network being unavailable in voice call error you may want to reset your phone factory Samsung, Motorola, or any other Android phone. But, this is the only option you should only consider if all other options fail mostly because it erases all data stored in your phone. The procedure is as follows:

  • Click on settingsfrom on the menu bar, and then About the phone.
  • Find the “Backup and Reset” option to save your files, and then “factory reset”
  • If you’re you are ready to select “erase all data”

It is important to backup all your data prior to this procedure in order to avoid losing your device’s content.


The cellular network is not accessible to make phone calls is a message that is displayed when you are unable to make calls due to poor connectivity to the cellular network. The most common cause is minor issues in the background or bugs, but it could be the result of an operating system malfunction. If it is persistent for a period of time , and then denies you the possibility of making calls You can resolve it by confirming that flight mode is not on and selecting a network operator rebooting the device, taking out the SIM card and reinstalling it, replacing your battery, and then factory resetting the phone, in addition to other procedures.



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