How To Fix Invalid Sim Card on Android Phone?

It can be quite irritating to receive an “invalid SIM card’ message every time you use an Android phone. This is due to the fact that the SIM card functions as a brain of the phone; it requires it to carry out essential functions. Even if your phone is fully charged, a non-functioning SIM card signifies that your urthermore, a non-functioning SIM card signifies that you can’t make or receive texts, rendering communication almost impossible.

In the real sense, this could be a major issue for you if a fan of social media as you’ll be unable join any website that requires data, such as ¬†Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and others. What can you do to tell if you’ve got an inactive SIM card? Why does my phone show an that it has an invalid SIM? What do you do to solve the incorrect SIM card issue? Read this article to find answers to these questions.

What is the term “invalid” SIM card signifies?

This error of an invalid SIM card error isn’t uncommon, and many have experienced this issue. In fact, if aren’t experiencing this problem then you’re lucky, but must be prepared should it arise.

You may see a or ‘no SIM card’ or an “invalid SIM card” message in your Android phone. All of are signs that your device has been declared inoperable. Additionally, you could attempt to make phone calls, however, they might not work or the error messages could also be displayed.

Unfortunately, the error of an invalid SIM card error isn’t associated with android or iOS so staying with either of them would immediately resolve the issue. Instead, you can keep your cards with confidence by learning simple tricks to fix the problem should it arise.

What is the reason for the incorrect SIM Card error?

There are a variety of reasons that could be responsible for the incorrect SIM problem, however you may not know the specific one that is relevant your situation until you understand what caused the issue.

In reality, the cause of the error might vary from time to time and be the solution to the issue. Here are the most significant reasons for the incorrect SIM card error:

  1. An infected SIM card, for instance one with a gold-plated or magnetic surface has been scratched
  2. Dust or moisture buildup on the chip could cause to cause the incorrect SIM card error to be displayed.
  3. The incorrect placement or positioning of the SIM card in its tray can cause an incorrect SIM card error if the system is able to detect it.
  4. Software bugs and glitchescan be a problem, especially if you need to updating
  5. Hardware issuesare most likely to arise in the event that the SIM card-reading component begins to malfunction.
  6. A poor network connection and/or
  7. Network-related issues with carriers, particularly when providers perform system upgrades
  8. A device that is unlocked from network access is unable to update the network operators.
  9. Connecting to the incorrect network operator

They are the most significant reasons for an incorrect SIM problem, however, you can’t tell which one is relevant on your phone until you have the solution to the issue.

How can I fix the non-functioning SIM card?

Contacting the network providers of your carrier isn’t the only option to resolve the problem with your invalid SIM card issue. The following methods should aid in fixing the issue.

1. Make sure to restart the Android phone

Restarting your device can resolve most problems that you could encounter, for example,and could aid in fixing the issue with the invalid SIM cards issue. Furthermore, it’s an easy procedure that will not cause you to have a difficult time.

However, it comes with disadvantages, for instance, it can reduce the lifespan of devices. Therefore, experts suggest that devices be restarted every week, but not more. But, it may be the most efficient solution, and if there is an need to restart it follow the following steps:

  • Stop all the running applications
  • Press the power button for a long time.
  • Of the two options for switching off and restarting Choose Restart which could help resolve the issue with an invalid SIM card issue.

2. Switch on the flight mode and turn it off

Switching the flight mode off and on could resolve the issue of the invalid SIM problem. As with restarting a device this method lets the device restart its system.

The process of turning flight mode on or off is easy, and it is as easy as navigating the mode via your notification area, activate it by tapping followed by a tap after a couple of seconds to shut off the mode.

3. Verify the SIM card’s option

In the event that restarting your computer fails to resolve the issue with the incompatible SIM problem, you may need verify that your SIM card is properly positioned inside its tray.

This is due to a poorly placed SIM card is a sign that the reader cannot detect it, which could result in an untrue SIM card mistake. Here’s how you can confirm your SIM card’s position

  1. Shut down all apps that are running
  2. Press the power button for a long time and then click on the ‘Switch Off’ button to turn off the device.
  3. Press gently on the SIM tray using the SIM Ejector Tool.
  4. As the tray comes out, make sure you check the location of the SIM card.
  5. Take out the SIM card and then place it in its original position
  6. The tray should be removed and switch the device on by pressing the power button for a long time and hopefully resolving the issue.

4. Make sure to check your SIM card for dust and moisture.

An incorrect SIM card error could occur in the event that the SIM card is damaged or you’ve got dirt or moisture accumulation across its magnetic. So, it is possible to test the card for moisture and dust or ensure that it’s not damaged when diagnosing the problem.

To accomplish this you must follow the four steps above. Then, apply a soft, delicate cloth to gently clean the surface to eliminate any moisture or dust buildup on the surface, should exist.

5. Update the device

As stated at the start The invalid SIM card error could be caused by software issues in the event that the provider of the network upgrades their system or your device is in need of an update.

  • Go to Settings
  • General
  • Software Updates
  • Make sure you confirm the action by clicking OK to start any updates.

6. Check the SIM card by using another device

The issue could be caused by an outdated or damaged SIM card. You could remove your SIM card and test the card on a different device to confirm this. If it does not function on the other device it is worth purchasing a different SIM card.

The same is true for damaged SIM card where the magnetic surface has been damaged or scratched.

7. Factory reset your device

Resetting your device factory-fresh will resolve many issues like however, it must be the only solution as it erases all information. Therefore, it is essential to backup all your data prior to factory resetting your device. Once you’re ready, go about it according to the following steps:

  • Click on Settings from the main menu.
  • Look for the option to backup and reset It varies according to the device, but must include the word backup.
  • Check out the number
  • When you are ready, select the Reset option.

8. Contact support

If the solutions discussed above are not able to resolve the issue of an invalid SIM card issue You may need to contact support. Support hotlines vary based on the carrier network and provider.

Therefore, you must visit the site of your provider to find the hotline number that is specific to your area, then call the customer care department hoping to resolve the problem.


An invalid SIM card error isn’t uncommon and is seen on Android or Apple phones. This makes it crucial for all users to be aware of how to fix the problem. The cause can be varied such as damaged or incorrectly placed SIM card, or one that has dust or moisture buildup issues with hardware, system bugs or issues with the hardware, incorrect or poor network connectivity or devices that are blocked from network access, thus preventing it from updating the network operators.

Simple steps to check the SIM card’s location, removing and re-inserting the SIM card, factory reset your device, switching the flight mode off and on, contacting support and replacing the SIM card or restarting your device and clearing cached data could assist in fixing the problem.


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