How To Fix The Number You Have Dialed Is Unallocated?

It can be quite annoying to discover that the number you dialed is not allocated in particular when you need to make a quick call to send an important message. Additionally, you might get the message intercepted when you attempt to contact the caller’s ID that was on your device after they tried to contact you, but you did not pick or didn’t answer the call. The phone number you dialed not allocated error could be the result of a variety of issues. This article will discuss the most important problems. Additionally, you’ll learn how to repair the messages that were intercepted.

What does the number that you dialed is unallocated?

Before we get into the details about how to fix caller’s was not allocated error. Let’s find out what the error is. Simply put, you will receive the message ‘The number you dialed is not allocated’ error in the event that the operator hasn’t assigned the number.

What is the reason why someone would make use of an unallocated number?

The previous paragraph indicates that “the number you’ve dialed is not allocated’ error basically means. The phone number you’re calling is not associated with any person or operator. The operator hasn’t allocated it to any network service provider.

Therefore, you will likely have a question about why someone would utilize a number like this at all. The reason for it is to cut costs. Network providers could allow companies to make use of these numbers without having to pay an annual subscription fee.

What is the reason someone would choose to use a number that is not allocated? Unfortunately, scammers, protocols as well as spammers and telemarketers make use of this feature and start calling people using these numbers. They also are often malicious in their intentions.

The main reason for the reason why the number you dialed is not allocated?

It is normal to receive a phone number that you called is an not allocated as an intercept message which is the reason because of the reasons. These are the main reasons why you may receive the unallocated message:

1. A wrong number

Unallocated numbers are often connected to scammers, spammers protocols, and telemarketers. There are times when you may encounter them if you called the wrong number.

Imagine a situation where someone handed you a telephone number, but did not recognize a number. However, you didn’t confirm the number at the time it was handed to you.There’s a good chance that you’ll dial an unallocated number to any person, or one that’s designated to business locations free of charge, which will prompt the number you called to be a non-allocated error.

2. Fraudulent numbers

Sometimes you’ve got contacts on your list of contacts. However, fraudsters will take it up because the patient has withdrawn the prescription due to reasons of some kind or.

It is possible to know that if you call the number and get a phone number that you dialed is an unallocated intercept message.

3. Numbers that are spoofs

Sometimes, someone might contact you, but you don’t answer the call due to being involved or in the course of a meeting. As you attempt to dial the number, you may be shocked to discover that an intercept message is heard, informing that the number you’re trying to dial isn’t allocated.

Furthermore, you could be able to see it is possible that the number is not registered with an user ID which means you can’t duplicate it. These numbers are referred to as fake numbers, and are utilized by protocols, telemarketers spammers, and other scammers.

The numbers are typically created by software however the people who are behind them are so skilled in editing these numbers, they are often edited by the users. It’s possible to not be aware that they’re from scammers and you could even fall for the phone. But, once you are aware of the person behind the call, you should treat them as spam , or even block the call completely.

4. Paying your phone bill on time

If you do not pay your phone bill in time The network provider could end the plan altogether and you may be placed on the number you called is not allocated to a list.

The same is true for an individual may fail to pay their bills on time, and face an unpaid subscription, and if you attempt to contact them, you’re likely to receive a message from the number you called is an not allocated while trying to reach them.

This means you need to keep your books in order in order to pay all your expenses on time to avoid any mistakes.

5. Network issues that are temporary

The phone number you dialed is not allocated, an intercept message could be the result of a number being not assigned to a particular user. You’ve missed a digit or you are using the wrong number, or fraudsters have been behind the phone number you’re dialing the issue could also be because of temporary network problems like

Network providers release system updates periodically If your device is not outdated or not compatible with the most recent updates the message of intercept could be heard when you attempt to make calls.

How do you fix the call that you made is an unallocated?

In the same way that the number that you dialed is not allocated may be the result of a number of issues, you can resolve the issue by following couple of easy steps. Here are the top four methods to solve the unallocated phone number issue.

1. Block the number

If you discover that the number that rang you does not have a contact number when you look up the information. There is a good chance that fraudsters are behind the number. Additionally, scammers can make to make calls to people who do not have personal information. This is why you may decide to remove the phone number to stop the caller from calling you again in the near future.

Sometimes victims are robbed as well as their integrity gets affected by allowing nuisance calls. So, should be sure to block these calls completely.

2. Support via phone

If you’re unable to call and you don’t know what’s going on or if your friends inform you that the number contains the number is unallocated It is possible to contact support.

If you’re still not able to settle your bills, proceed and clear them . If you are still having trouble then contact the service desk of your network’s carrier and explain the problem to

3. Then delete the number, then enter it again

As previously mentioned you may receive a number you’ve called with an unallocated intercept in the event that you dial the incorrect number.

Maybe it was because you removed or added one number to a saved contacts without knowing. Go to your contact book manual and delete the contact and then type it back.

4. Make sure to check Google Voice settings

There are times when could block the number you dial without your knowledge, indicating that to inform you that the number you dialed to not be assigned a to you.

To determine the root of the issue as Google Voice settings and fix it, open GV settings, make sure your phone number is at the top of the page, then search your mobile phone operator, then type the number of your phone, then wait for an Google Voice activation message on the device.

This could solve the issue of the problem of the unallocated number if it was related to Google Voice services.


The phone number you’ve called is not allocated’ error or intercept message indicates that the number is not assigned to a user, or the operator hasn’t assigned it to the network provider. Failure to pay your phone bill on time, having temporary network issues and spoofed numbers as well as using the wrong number could result in the error. Fortunately, easy steps such as calling support or deleting the phone number and entering it again, or reviewing Google Voice settings can assist in fixing the problem.



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