How to Track Lost Android Phone Using IMEI Number for Free

It is not uncommon to lose phones. issue in the modern world. It is possible to lose your mobile whether it’s because we misplaced them or by someone else stealing the phone from our pockets. It’s not a good idea to do that the next time. This article explains how you will locate and locate any lost Android phone by using its IMEI number at no cost and with the current location on the internet.

How do I find my IMEI code of the lost Android phone?

Once you know what is the IMI number can be found, what do you locate it on your phone? It’s easy and can be accomplished by a variety of ways, like:

  • Make sure to check it in the Phone Settings Menu. To verify your Android’s IMEI go to Settings Menu. Select the setting icon, before scrolling down to the section to the section ” about device or system”. Choose it and click status or on the phone, and then you will see the IMEI number in the information given.
  • Call *#06# on your phone. This is the easiest method. All you have to do is dial *#06#, and then the number will show at the top of the screen. If the device has dual SIM cards, only the number of both will be displayed in the dual SIM phones have always two phone numbers with IMEI.
  • Look for this on your back Android handset. You can also locate it on the back of the phone for users who have a back cover that isn’t removable or the back of the device under the battery in the event that it is removed.
  • Find the code in the box. Another option is to locate an IMEI number that is not any phone number on the packaging in the event that you still have it. This IMEI will always be printed on a sticker in your Android phones box. You can also find your IMEI on the SIM tray, but only for certain phones.

When a phone call is made using phones and the IMEI number is passed to the phone’s company, and that’s how authorities locate a lost mobile online. We’ll explore that later on in our discussion.

Why is an IMEI number employed to identify? and why is it important?

With the IMEI you have certain control over your device, even when you don’t have it. It could help you get back the Android by using various methods such as websites, applications or even the authorities that are relevant to you.

In addition, with the IMEI number you will make the stolen device unusable to anyone who has it, by stopping the device from being used. The only thing you need to do is get in touch with the carrier of the device to block it using the missing Android IMEI number. The device won’t be able to make or receive calls after this. Additionally, even in the event that it is replaced with a new SIM card is changed with a brand new one, it won’t be able to connect to the network via cellular.

Do you remember when you purchased an used Android smartphone?

Have you asked for the IMEI?

If not, be sure to never repeat the same error again. In some cases, people get confronted by the authorities, and are eventually prosecuted in court for actions they did not know about.

The number of phone thefts is increasing which is why it’s important to be vigilant and avoid purchasing property that has been stolen. If you inquire about your IMEI number, you will determine if the phone is the subject of any insurance claim or blocked.

Finally, you can dial this number to look up the details of the device’s specifications including the model, the manufacturer, release date, as well as the brand or any other characteristic.

So, it is important to know the IMEI code and keep it in a safe place to use if it becomes necessary. It’s also not recommended to divulge the number when you can. IMEI number is useful in tracking the location of a mobile phone that has been lost and its current location online:

  • Your Service Provider. A telecom operator can trace an Android phone’s location using an IMEI code online at no cost and right after it’s connected to a network. Although it’s simple, the operators will not budge unless they have consent from police officials and even worse, a majority of them may not cooperate when they are dealing with similar cases every day.
  • Pre-installed number trackers for IMEI. You can also utilize software applications that are installed on the missing Android handset to monitor it. These apps may be able to retrieve data stored on the phone, or restrict access.
  • Lost and Found Stolen Phones Database. This database is can be accessed by people in general and also by sellers, manufacturers insurance companies, as well as police authorities. Based on the data you’ve got, if the device is tracked and you are the legal owner. But, the process can be lengthy and doesn’t ensure successful completion.

Method One: Method 1: lost Android Phone Online using IMEI Number. Locate my phone

In addition to giving your IMEI numbers to organizations that are mentioned for phone tracking it is possible to make use of any of the available IMEI tracking Apps accessible online to find the specifics of any SIM change on your phone.

They Android tracking devices for IMEI on the internet will help you find the exact location of your mobile that has been lost however, you must be aware of your IMEI numbers. They allow you to monitor Android phones by IMEI numbers online, along with the current location of your phone easily. Utilizing this method requires the following steps:

The first step is to Open the Android store and type in tracking device for your IMEI mobile. A variety of results are available , so pick one that has good reviews like the ” IMEI tracker-Find my device.”

Step 2.Download the application on your alternative Android device and download it. It will ask permission to access certain files which include contacts, calls Location, SMS and Storage. So, grant it. Make sure the device that you’re using is in the Android 4.4 version or above.

Step 3. After installation after installation, you will be asked to enter the telephone numbers of people you trust. If the phone’s SIM has been taken away and a new one is inserted texts containing the IMEI number as well as the location of the phone will be automatically sent to the phone numbers you’ve entered.

4. Fill in the missing handset’s IMEI number and press ” Track.” A pop-up window will open that shows the current location of the phone as well as nearby locations. Then, you can send messages via text or say ” get the lost phone” and the application will honor the request, sending an exact address.

Make The Most Effective IMEI Tracker On The Internet

It is also possible to use the IMEI tracker online without having lost your mobile phone. However, this is only possible in the event that you have already downloaded it into the device prior to. If your device isn’t lost, here’s the steps you need to take to ensure that if it gets lost you’ll be able follow it

First step:Search for an IMEI tracker online on the Google Play Store and download it to your phone and follow the exact instructions 1 and 2. Be sure to get the best tracker , by looking at the ratings and reviews of the trackers available.

Step 2. Install the app and then launch it. After that, you must enter the contacts of trusted individuals who will be notified via SMS in the event that you change your SIM cards are changed. It’s that easy, but do take a note of recording the Android phone’s IMEI number in a safe place to use it in the future.

Step 3. If you remove your mobile’s SIM card has been removed your phone, the IMEI tracker will immediately notify you of the number of the phone, IMEI number, as well as the exact location, to reliable numbers.

If your phone is lost, you don’t have to be concerned about any changes to or on the number of SIM cardsor the possibility of theimpossibility of finding it. the IMEI tracker for phones lost will perform its job.

It is also possible to secure your device from disappearance by organizing a PIN to keep it in mind. Thus, you can monitor the phone that was stolen by sending the same codes to set alarms make SMS calls, connect data to a specific phone, and more.

The main issue in this approach is, even when you take out the SIM card by yourself and then re-install it, the backup numbers are still being notifying.

Method 2. Contact the Mobile Operator or the police to locate the Lost Android Phone for free

Imagine the angst which occurs when you lose your Android phone and aren’t sure the location it might be. We immediately think of the private data that it holds or the fact that it’s going to be difficult to replace it.

Can you locate the mobile that was lost or trace it to its exact position?

Thank goodness for technology since you can track the Android Phone. One method to do this is to use the IMEI number, which we’ve talked about above.

How can you utilize your IMEI number to track down the stolen Android mobile phone on the internet? The number you use will require that you keep it at the ready and you act quickly. When you realize that your Samsung orĀ is lost, contact your carrier for assistance to lock the device and stop resales or activation. They will request the number, so make sure you have it.

So, if you are tracking phones using an IMEI number is advisable to call the appropriate authorities, such as an officer from the law enforcement or mobile careers. This is a procedure which a person is not able to handle oneself. It’s also simple since you just have to know the IMEI number of the phone you lost and then give it to the parties required to trace your Android device.

The drawbacks of the IMEI number tracking is that it is possible that the phone will be shut off or the number deleted and replaced with a valid number. In the first case, the phone can be tracked by the place the last time it was seen, but in the case of the second the only way to fix it is to not think about it.

However, because of the Android manufacturer it’s not easy and difficult to erase the IMEI number.

Method #3: Online Tracker by using Spyic Android Phone for Lost Mobile by using the an imei number

Other than the IMEI tracker software You can also use any of the many phone tracking apps accessible on the internet. Spyicis among the top options that you can choose. It is packed with options that are ideal to track your phone and others for blocking or monitoring applications on the event of a lost phone.

The spyingsoftware can also monitor any phone with an IMEI number that is available online. It doesn’t require you to jailbreak or root the target device in order for it to function, and because it’s a web-based service, you don’t need to install any application to your mobile. Spyicoffers exciting features like SIM or location tracker.

SIM tracking provides you the SIM card information, including the code and number. In addition, the IMEI number can be located here. Furthermore the approximate location of the phone may be displayed even when the GPS is off.

Location tracking displays the current and current position of the mobile. Here are the steps for using the online Spyic IMEI tracker to locate a lost phone:

  1. Create an Spyic account and choose the plan to track Android devices. You can access the service using any web browser to connect to Spyic’s services.
  2. Install the program and let it connect data. This process will take only a few seconds. After that, the software is ready to use
  3. If you want to trace your phone’s location using an IMEI number and you want to do so, sign in to your account via the site and then click ” start” to start the IMEI tracking at no cost.

How to Find the Android phone that is missing without IMEI Number

Are you able to locate the missing Android phone that doesn’t have an IMEI number? It’s not an easy task for everyone however it is possible. Many spy software programs can help with this issue and provide a solution.

The apps have an tracking GPS feature that tracks the device’s exact position. Certain of them, like are reliable and secure. It is possible to search online for alternatives to such software.

What should you do if You discover a lost Android Phone?

What happens if you’ve tried an IMEI tracking tool online, and discovered where your missing mobile is?

Do you act and meet with the person in the middle?

It’s not the ideal method to go about it unless permitted in your country. In many countries it is illegal to track lost gadgets on your own. isn’t legal and could be considered to be another type of crime.

If you find the phone, verify if the place and locations near to it are known to you. Most likely, you left it at a cashier’s desk at the bank or tables in restaurants.

Check if the location is one you’ve been and could have left the phone there in a hurry. If this is the case, you should find out if the staff member or other people around were aware of the phone and perhaps took it back for you.

If the location is not familiar and you have did not pass by or visited, you should contact the police. They can assist in tracking the individual using your phone and track the person. This way, you are assured of your safety as well as the possibility of locating the device.

What happens if the device is distant and there is a slim chance of returning it?

If you do, think about closing it down to secure your data and prevent access to sensitive information. It is also possible to erase all data remotely and go to the carrier or company center to permanently block the device. The phone is rendered unusable and useless for the user who owns it.

What Happens If IMEI is blocked? Can it be unblocked?

Sometimes, a device gets lost and fall into the hands of someone who is a genius and knows how to alter your IMEI number. What happens on your lost device? If the perpetrator is identified and charged, the penalties are huge since it is illegal to alter or alter the IMEI number.

We are aware of exactly what IMEI number is for and how it functions. It is possible to be blocked from the provider in order to block the device in connecting with any networks.

However, the number can be altered, which means that the blocking of it after it occurs will not help.

What is the next step in a situation when IMEI blocking does not assistance in safeguarding the phone lost?

Unfortunately, the phone can be abused or sold. So, stopping these cases is the best alternative. Find the IMEI tracking device for mobile phones with a feature which allows users to remotely disable their phones and shield their the information from being misused.

Some are equipped with anti-theft devices to limit the risk with theft or loss.

They accomplish this by locking the phone remotely and erases its data. recording audio and videos of the surroundings, and issuing alerts when the SIM card has been changed.

It’s the bottom line

As technological advances continue to take place, we’ll see more people to adjust to the ever-changing environment. Many people today own Android phones, and the number will continue to rise. However, the negative side is that the rate of crime will rise as people are educated about methods to steal phones and manipulate crucial information like your IMEI numbers.

It is impossible to predict when your gorgeous Smartphone might get lost. If this has happened it is likely that you have gained a valuable lesson from it by now. We have discussed what you need to be aware of regarding the Android mobile IMEI number and the best way to locate a lost phone by using an IMEI number on the internet. Keep in mind that the IMEI number is supposed to be secured like your ATM pins and bank passwords.

You can make use of a free internet-based IMEI tracker to locate the stolen Android phone right away. Police and service companies are the primary organisations to seek out whenever problems arise. I hope this article has made you aware what is the significance of the number that you likely never occurred to you. You are welcome to look it up


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