What Is AT&T Locker App And How To Delete It?

AT&T Locker android app was created by AT&T and is available in several versions, but the majority of the installation process is performed through version version. It creates the auto-start entry in your registry which lets the program run every time a computer starts for those who download the application. AT&T locker can be described as an application for both the Android operating system as well as iOS. The primary function of the application is to enable you to share and store, synchronize and save important information and files.

AT&T Locker has its competitors too, and they include Google, and Today, every smartphone has massive capacity for storage. And, still, there’s the option of cloud storage services which give us the ability to store important information online for the purposes of retrieving the data whenever you require it or in the event of an accidental data loss.

In order to meet the same needs, AT&T Locker brought an amazing cloud storage service that allows for the storage of sufficient data on the internet for people using Android or iOS. It was back, after cloud storage became the latest trend. The AT&T locker application was able to make it simpler with additional storage capacity for its users to provide an alternative to cloud storage before.

What is AT&T Locker App Used for?

AT&T Locker app was designed to compete with cloud storage, where cloud storage gives the capability to keep up five GB online of information. The service is totally free and is designed to provide a service to those using Android.

If users are seeking more space than they can use the AT&T Locker application. It’s available with premium pricing. It allows you to save your files up to 30GB however, it’s not the price of. For instance, the premium version costs you 4$ per 30GB of storage space for data. Also, it costs 10dollars per 100GB of storage for data.

All top ATA&T Locker apps charge on monthly basis. All your important images, documents, images and videos require additional storage space. It is easy to share through social media sites such as Instagram, There are many more via the Android app or on through the AT&T Locker website.

AT&T Locker app has a crucial feature for users with smartphones. If your device is compatible with direct it, you can download the AT&T Locker application you will be able to access the AT&T website from the computer.

If you’re using Android or iPhone, the AT&T Locker app facilitates you automatic synchronization and creation of backups. The backup file is recreated on the cloud. Users can view an overall view of their file via the app, as well as directly via the Locker.

Google and Apple let users store five GBof data in the Apple’s ┬áThe data can be stored in these cloud services and also other services such as SkyDriveand Dropbox. It is also a well-known rival to the AT&T Locker app. However, all of them require the latest mobile devices, whereas it is the AT&T Locker app has a two-way storage option that works with Android as well as through a PC on the Locker’s website.

Do you think AT&T Locker still work?

AT&T Locker app is highly beneficial and extremely useful for Android users. However, it was not compatible with the AT&T devices that weren’t. This was the biggest drawback of the application, and that’s the reason the company stopped offering the application’s services informally many years in the past. In addition, they caused many problems for users of the app.

However, Google G Drive and Apple ICloudand gained popularity among all users of smartphones. It offers similar storage sharing, backup, and sharing services.

AT&T Locker app serves its customers to manage their data overflow and storage that is permanent in comparison to other choices on the market. The app is simple to use and is user-friendly. It is easy to access, save, and organize your information photos, files and videos with a few steps. If you’re on Facebook, you’ll have the sharing option on your Android as well as all other social media platforms.

The app generates an overview of the shared file. Users is able to view the shared document on social media only. Apple mobile users can benefit from another feature that lets direct transfer of information via Apple iCloud.

The photostream feature gives users the option of storing images automatically in cloud storage on the Apple cloud. The service also allows sharing of images across different iOS devices. Apple cloud service can store up to 1,000 photos automatically, but cloud storage does not count against the iCloud storage.

How can I log in to AT&T Locker?

AT&T Locker gives you the possibility to review the previous activities that you have performed such as albums, documents, as well as backups of files. Once you open the app, you’ll have a navigation menu in which you can browse a range of content including sharing settings, access settings and sharing. The right-hand side of the Menu icon, you are able to perform manual modifications or upload content from your device.

The entire process requires access to Wi-Fi or the internet via mobile devices or other. The app safeguards your data by using a secure wi-fi particularly when you are using the internet without encryption. It alerts you to the theft of your email if it is discovered that suspicious activity is taking place in the background, and then it informs that the network you connect to could be a risk to your data as well as Android.

There’s an offline feature that lets you access files and data from your AT&T Locker application, even when you aren’t connected to the internet. If you’d like to deactivate off-line access for a particular document or file, go to the menu option and turn off office.

If you’re interested in having access to your documents, data as well as other related files.

  • Choose the navigation three-line button on the left upper corner.
  • Select which files and select the folders which are arranged by the sources such as albums, timeline images photographs, favorites and other documents.

Does ATT offer Cloud Storage?

The cloud storage service offered by AT&T has gained a lot of attention as it was the AT&T Locker application, which is accessible for download on iOS as well as Android platforms. It can be downloaded via the Google play store as well as Apple’s app store in only a few minutes. It was developed to be compatible with all Android phones that run 2.1 or higher software. It is compatible with the latest devices, and.

How do I uninstall AT&T Locker?

You can deinstall your AT&T Locker app with the assistance of your computer. Open the control panel, then click on add/remove and choose the icon that you want to remove. This is a quick tutorial on how to remove the program;

  • Start the Start menuon your PC
  • Click on the lower left corner in which the Window’s sign is
  • Control Panel Open Control Panel
  • The Open Program folder
  • The icon is the same that has the name Programs and Features.
  • You can open the folder, and you will see a new window with a tile at the top. You can uninstall or change the program.
  • Select the applicationor application you wish to delete or uninstall (message may differ from Windows from Windows)
  • A progress bar will be displayed that shows the time needed to remove AT&T Locker The app and program are removed from your system.


The information in this article can be useful and aid you in making the file your favorite. Create playlists or document sharing and share still and visual content. After a thorough review of AT&T Locker app. It appears that this isn’t just an app, but more to call it a vast and comprehensive platform that allows you to manipulate data to meet your needs and needs. Cloud storage allows you to control your data according to its importance and requirements.



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