What Is IPSGeoFence Android App and How To Uninstall It?

Learn more about the IPSgeofence Android application and the steps to remove or deactivate it from your phone. Additionally, you will learn what benefits you get from using this IPS Geo-Fence application on your smartphone.

How do I use the IPSGofence Android application?

IPSGeofence Android App – An application that allows you to connect your device and a geofenced zone.

All this happens without the assistance of the that uses information derived from the cellular network, which is 3G or 4G. It can, of course, be used at any point including a business, home, the border of a nation, for example.

The purpose of this application is to determine the location of your phone so that, if you are in or out of your home or in another location that you have defined limits, your phone will ring in full during 10 second.

It’s a common app that is now completely outdated We will explain the steps to remove it, as well as the advantages of using the IPS geofence app in the following article.

The functions of the ips geofence android application

Geofence Android apps can be used to guard the perimeter of restricted areas. It is considered to be the most effective security method to determine the exact location of an individual on a map. It is the best method to find vehicles of the individual in real-time. This system relies using GPS technology. GPS.

A global positioning device which can pinpoint the exact location of a vehicle or a person. It aids the user in find the vehicle using the aid the mobile towers. Geofencing android application is the best method to cars, vehicles and many more.

The Android app ips Geofence aids in finding the vehicle using GPS technology. It allows users to track the vehicle in real time. It also assists users find the vehicle on the map. It also helps track your vehicle’s location in real-time.

This app offers a number of options, including:

  • It reveals the locations of employees.
  • Additionally, it could notify you an incorrect location is detected.
  • It may also keep an archive of the call history in order to keep track of the hours worked.

These are the most popular uses of the ips geofence Android app.

Geofences use ips to create geofences

An IP address could easily be thought of as being similar to a physical address’ of computers. But, it’s better to think of it the same way as an address is a code for a particular location. The postcode does not tell you exactly where the post was sent but it’s the code used by a postal service in order to figure out the best location to mail the post.

Similar to that an IP address isn’t the exact location of a computer. It is the code used by networks to determine the location of any phone or computer connected to mobile networks.

Geofence utilizes IP addresses to figure out the position of any computer using their service. Geofence is among the most user-friendly applications for tracking systems that make use of IP addresses.

The IP address an address that uniquely identifies each device that connects to the network, for instance an internet. Geofences are virtual barriers that are erected around physical objects or places.

An IPS geofence can be created using GPS or Wi-Fi Bluetooth and radio waves based on the technology available. IP addresses are used to determine the identity of individuals as well as their location through the IP addresses associated with their Android phone. Geofence utilizes IPs to trace individuals’ physical places.

What are the advantages of having a geofence with an ips?

Geofences can offer you many great advantages that go beyond security. If you’re looking to make sure that you are able to monitor your employees, clients and others using a geofence, it’s the ideal method to accomplish this.

Geofences can also be utilized to track the happenings and movements at an area, which can be a great tool for conducting business. If you’re looking to secure your property, people or something else it is a good idea to investigate the geofence.

How do I uninstall the the ipsgeofence Android app?

To deinstall the application Follow these steps:

  • Start Your Android phone’s settingsapp.
  • Tap Applications or an Application manager.
  • Click on the icon for the ips icon. Click the geofence icon.
  • Press to uninstall. You will be required to confirm that you have removed it.
  • Press Rebootagain.

Be aware that certain features of the app can’t be removed, and will stay in your phone.


In the end by using this app, you’re in a position to monitor the location of the user. It also provides real-time updates on the position that the person is. This app is free and features simple user interface. If you’re not happy with the default location-tracking method on the Android phone, you may download the app.



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