What Is Restricted Phone Call and How To Block It?

Receiving restricted calls on Android isn’t just annoying but also frustrating. Furthermore, a number that is restricted can mean that you can’t contact the caller, or get access to his personal data, but you are able to call him however many times he’d like through either your iPhone as well as your Android phone.

A lot of telemarketers, scammers and spammers have learned the art of delivering people limited numbers. While this type of call may annoy and scares recipients but some do are robbed, particularly when they are not aware and provide personal details to callers who are restricted.

Thus, it’s evident that calls with restrictions aren’t the type of call that anyone would want to get. Therefore, it is possible to find out ways to stop restricted calls from your Android phones to prevent the individuals who are behind them not calling your in future. This article will explain the meaning of calling restrictions and the best way to block the calls.

What is a restricted phone on Android?

If a call is marked as restricted when it is made through the iPhone Android cell phone, it means that the person who made the call has asked the company to conceal his personal details from the callers for reasons that are only known to the person calling him. This means that you can’t look up the numbers that are behind the calls and follow-up on the calls.

What is the reason why a blocked number of phones call me?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, a call that is restricted includes a concealed from the receiver. This is typically the case in the case of an entrepreneur, telemarketer or a protocol that asks the network of the carrier to hide his personal data from intended recipients. In the extreme it is possible for a carrier network to limit a number even without the request of the user to have this option.

It happens when other users are complaining about the exact phone number and it is blocked, appearing as a ‘Restricted Number Call’ on the end of the user. Additionally, the majority of loaning agencies make use of a restricted number to prevent their customers from accessing their personal data when they contact them to request to settle debt.

How can I make a limited phone call?

The majority of telemarketers are behind the blocked calls and frequently contact carriers like to make their calls inaccessible; you are able to apply the same function to your number.

However, using this feature with your phone number is restricted to a limited time frame, and it is only available for a short period of time. It’s as easy as dialing the symbol of the star, followed by the number six-seven, i.e., *67.

Why would people want to block certain numbers?

It is a given that calls that are not allowed are a pain. In this day and age that has seen technological advances bring us numerous things to delight however it is not without risk of losing rights that are pertinent to abstract wealth, which could compromise integrity of data and using personal data as proof of guilt.

These, as well as many others are the reasons why people are increasingly worried about blocking calls. It is possible to follow the steps below to block these annoying calls with IDs are not accessible to you.

How do I block calls that are not allowed on Android phones?

It’s simple to block calls from restricted numbers from your phone using four simple methods like using the “do not disturb” feature , or through downloading the blocker Android application.

1. Blocking calls with Google’s integrated android features

You can utilize this built-in android blocker to block calls from being blocked and prevent the caller from calling you again. Do as follows:

  • In the home menu go to the phone application.
  • Make sure you tap on limited call
  • In the choices that pop up on the screen, look for those three dots which are likely to be to the right of the number.
  • The ‘ block restricted number option will appear Click it to confirm that you have done so.
  • The number is not available and the caller will not contact you back.

2. Stop a restricted number by with the feature Do Not Disturb feature.

It is also possible to take advantage from your Do Not Disturb feature to prevent restricted calls from reaching your attention. Of of course, the Do Not Disturb feature doesn’t stop the calls from getting routine, but it does stop you from being aware of the calls and ignoring the calls.

This means that you’ll only see them in the latest calls log, but not directly on your device as calls that are in the pipeline. To make use of the feature, follow these steps;

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Choose”DND” to select the Do Not Disturb option.
  • The option Allow Calls from appears. Select it, and then tick the appropriate box for the option you wish to allow your most preferred callers to be included or all contacts
  • You can set other parameters in the manner you like
  • Switch off Do Not Disturb button located at the lower right of the page

This feature will automatically block any other callers that are not that are included in the “Allow Calls From” option. In this way, restricted calls won’t be able to reach your phone directly as inbound calls, but they will show up in the latest call logs.

A lot of people choose this method if they’re not familiar with other methods , and they are able to secure the number they want to use.

3. Sign up with The National Do Not Call Registry

You can sign up for National Do Not Call services by signing up for the registry’s services. The registry has numbers for people who do not want to be contacted by an agent or telemarketer.

The good news is that the registration process is simple, and you only have to log in to and submit your details. The free service prohibits the telemarketers from calling specific numbers listed herein.

You can also join on the data base by filling in your personal details. You are not able to receive unrestricted calls at the very least, from the telemarketers.

4. Install an app to block a an unrestricted number from your mobile phone

Are you fed up of getting calls with a restricted number from spooky and random callers? Now is the time to look into the capabilities of third-party applications to stop those annoying calls at bay.

There are numerous apps to block calls with secret IDs or numbers on your mobile phone. Here are a few;

4.1. Hiya Caller Blocker App

You can block calls by using the Hiya application. This application from a third party offers block and spam options that you can play with to stop these nuisance calls at bay.

The built-in android feature does nothing to stop calls from appearing as calls however, Hiya’s Hiya app lets you completely block them. Naturally, this will be expensive but it’s worth the money.

4.2. RokoKiller app

The RoboKiller application is another option you could use to stop from telemarketers, scammers and spammers and other protocols that call you through calls with a restricted number.

Furthermore is that the application blocker includes a function of sending out messages that waste time and allows you to buy time to punish the person you’ve been calling. It is well-known for giving restricted users a taste of their own medication.

It is necessary to pay the cost of this application however, isn’t it well worth it? Offering those who call you a taste their own medicine will keep them from calling you and they won’t be able to call your number again.

The app comes with a variety of featuresand you choose your subscription according to the features you’d like to have.4.3. Restricted Number Blocker

Another app can help you to block restricted calls however it is only accessible to Android users, thereby locking iPhone users out. It comes with the same features as Hiya. Hiya app, but only minor differences from time to time.

However, the experience will be similar. When you look up Google Play, you will be able to see it has over 5 million downloads, which shows the extent of its popularity.

You can copy the information of the log from your phone and then add them to the application, allowing you to block the call.

4.4. Call Blocker

The Call Blocker The Call Blocklist is another android app users can utilize to block calls from restricted numbers. Like the other app we discussed earlier, it permits you to copy the information in the call logs and copy them into the app, thereby blocking phone numbers that are restricted on your phone.

Additionally, it comes with additional features to block unwanted messages sent from a limited number of people. With its efficacy it has a lot of applications on Google’s Play Store platform.


Being able to receive restricted calls on your Android phone can be irritating and annoying, particularly because the caller’s identification is disguised that makes it impossible to trace the calls. These calls can be made in the event that the user asks to the service provider ┬áprovider to block his personal details, however you can also use the feature’restricted calls’ to your cell phone temporarily. You can block calls using certain features in the call or use third-party blocking applications. Read this article to find out more about these tricks.



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