What Is Sim Not Provisioned MM#2 and How To Fix it in 2022?

Imagine being enthralled by using your brand fresh iPhone or Android phone, only to find that you are confronted with an sim not provided mm#2 pop-up. You’re frustrated, yet you are able to not do anything about the sim card’s non-working error.

You should stop performing the most essential tasks with your phone, i.e., making phone calls or connecting to the internet for access to  Facebook, and other social media platforms.

This has happened many times before and can be irritating, if not even frustrating. Apart from that, all the fun you anticipated from posting your best photos on social media needs to be cut back.

My phone is saying there is no SIM? What can you do to solve the issue of mm#2 not being provisioned with sim? What is the reason that causes the SIM card to cease working? This is among the most important questions you’ll need the answers to understand.

This article is your reference since it addresses all of these concerns about the sim not being provisioned with mm 2 error, and explains the steps to resolve the issue. Follow this article for the hacks.

What is sim not provisioned mm#2 refer to?

Let’s first learn the reason why sim not provisioned number 2 is before we get into some small details on how to fix it. Sim not provisioned mm 2 an error message that is displayed on your android phone or iPhone either old or new is unable to connect to the service provider using its SIM card.

This error is typically encountered when you set up a fresh device or SIM card, it’s not unusual for users who have older SIM cards and other devices.

What then is the reason for sims not being provisioned with the mm2?

Let’s see.

What’s the cause of the sim card being not provided?

We’ve observed an issue with sims not getting provisioned. in mm#2 is an error that happens when the sim card you have is not able in connecting to your Android smartphone or iPhone to your wireless carriers like Sprint, Verizon

Of of course, there are a variety of methods to resolve this problem as are the causes of this error. Here are eleven reasons for you to see the sim’s not provisioned in error mm 2.

  1. You’ve got a brand new phone and a brand new SIM card
  2. You have a brand new SIM card that you’re trying to install on an older device
  3. You’re trying to transfer contacts from your old SIM card to a new one
  4. You’ve not been able to activate the new SIM card It may not work flawlessly without glitches
  5. Out-of-network coverage area or
  6. The wireless service provider which has authorization servers that aren’t accessible in the current location.
  7. Sim card is not correctly placed in slot
  8. You’re using a broken SIM card and don’t do not have a clue about this
  9. SIM card became wet due to any reason, and the device can’t recognize it.
  10. You’re using an SIM card that’s quite old and died without warning
  11. The SIM card has some dirt on it and your device can’t recognize it

Why is your phone saying sim not provisioned for mm#2?

This might sound like an obvious query, particularly in the event that you’ve encountered an mm2 sim that was not provided by the SIM issue before. But those who aren’t affected by the issue may not be able to comprehend the reason for it.

Imagine not being able to receive or make voice calls, even from your family members! In reality, the main reason that we pay for expensive devices is the desire to have flawless phone calls. we can’t imagine an existence without them.

In addition, when the sim card is not properly provisioned, mm#2 error occurs or your phone is unable to find a sim, it prevents your phone from accessing internet. Therefore, you are unable to make use of your phone to send messages. When the phone begins receiving that you are experiencing on either you iPhone as well as Android.

In addition, if you like video calls on Facebook, Zoom App, WhatsApp as well as other platforms, you won’t not be able to enjoy them anymore. Doesn’t this seem like a hassle?

You know what it is and understand the reason why you should learn how to fix this sim that is not being provisioned mm2 issue so that you are able to fix it next time you run into it.

What makes an SIM card necessary for iPhone and Android phone?

As you can see in the section on causes that a sim is not properly provisioned mm#2 error the pop-up appears to have a lot to have to do with the SIM card. It’s a small card that has magnet chips that link your phone to an operator of mobile services.

The SIM card sends details about your account to the wireless network operator in order for this to take place. Once this information has been verified, you are able to make use of your SIM card for making calls or join the Internet and make video calls, in addition to other things.

Unfortunately, when the SIM card isn’t able to transmit details regarding your account to your network provider in the event that the SIM card is not provisioned mm 2 error is triggered. It’s like the link connecting your phone to the network provider is blocked, resulting in an empty space in between.

There’s some something good to be thankful for!

Although the sim’s not provisioned error with mm#2 is frustrating and frustrating, there’s positive news about it.

This sim can be fixed not provisioned mm2 error with a variety of troubleshooting strategies. Therefore, you should not fret about it, just read this post.

8 Methods to correct sims that are not provisioned error mm#2

As mentioned above You needn’t be concerned about the sim not being provisioned mm2 error. The reasons behind this error are many as are the solutions to troubleshooting the issue.

Here are some hacks you can try , and you can be sure that any of them will solve the sim card that is not allocated in mm#2 and you’ll be able to make internet connections and voice calls yet again.

1. Ensure the SIM card isn’t dirty

As mentioned in the cause section, the presence of dust or dirt pieces on top of the SIM card could stop the card from functioning. Additionally, it may cause the sim to not provide the mm#2 message, particularly if it is blocking the magnetic area.

So, you can confirm you are sure that your SIM card isn’t dirty by taking it out and then examining the surface. It is also possible to dust it off before re-inserting it. If it begins to work immediately this means that there is dust on the floor.

2- Make sure you have the SIM card is not damp.

Moisture particle on SIM card’s surface can cause the SIM not being provisioned for mm#2. Moisture particles on the card’s surface may hinder its function as do dirt droplets.

Thus, you must examine the SIM card’s surface for water to ensure that it isn’t the reason behind the sim that is not provisioned with the correct mm 2 number.

The best part is that it’s simple as taking out the card, inspecting the surface, then reinserting it.

3. Verify that the SIM card has been installed properly

In order for to allow the SIM card to transfer data between the mobile device and network providers, it has to be placed correctly within its slots. If it is not placed it correctly could result in the sim to not be provisioned with the mm2 error.

So, you should examine the way in which the card is installed in the slot to determine if the error message is gone. You can do so by;

  • Shut off the Android or iPhone
  • Make use of your Q-pin that the product came with to detach the SIM card.
  • Make use of the flexible rubber and cloth to clean off the SIM card’s surface
  • Removing to insert the SIM card into the holders
  • Slide in the reverse to place the SIM card holder into its slot
  • Turn on the device and check whether the sim not provisioned error is gone.

4. Make sure you activate the SIM card

If you purchased a new phone, SIM card, or even a fresh SIM card you will need in order to enable it. This is because failure to activate is one of the reasons why the SIM card could not connect to your network service providers, which results in the sim being not provisioned with the correct mm#2.

Technically, you don’t have to think about activation as it takes place in the initial 24 hours after inserting the SIM card into a mobile. But, the reality could be different. If the 24-hour period is over and you do not activate the SIM, you could be notified that the SIM is not being provided the error mm 2.

In this case, you’ll have to activate the SIM card, or start activation procedures. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Contact your wireless service provider by dialling their number according to the SIM card’s user’s manual (you need a second phone for this)
  2. Send an Text message for the wireless providers and explain the issue
  3. Log into the wireless carrier’s website , and utilize the chat feature to talk to the customer service department (this also requires a mobile device or computer)

This approach can be used to troubleshoot an sim not being provisioned, mm#2 particularly if the reason is connected with the provider. If it’s due to the location or placement of your SIM card or the system’s failure on your device, then they may not be able to solve the issue.

5- Go to the office of your wireless carrier

You may also decide for a visit to the provider’s office in person if the issue persists, even after taking out the SIM card and inserting it again. Most of the time they’ll be able to solve the issue, regardless of whether it’s related to your gadget as well as the SIM card. It’s as simple as:

  • Finding the physical location of the office of the wireless carrier
  • In person and presenting your case

6- Restart your device

Restarting your device can work for the user’s benefit since it resolves the majority of most common issues. So, you may consider restarting your phone prior to trying the suggestions above. The procedure is simple and all you need is to

  • Press the power button for a while.
  • You’ll see at the very least two options: Turn Off or Restart. Select Restart.

The device shuts off, then automatically turns on, but the sim is not being provisioned. This error is hopefully is solved.

7- Retry a different SIM slot on your card

Sometimes it happens that the SIM slot that you are using to connect your SIM card is damaged which causes the sim to not be provided with an error code mm 2.

In the event that your iPhone or Android phone has two sim slots, you may switch to the second slot to ensure that the issue is not with the SIM card but rather the slot. You can do so by;

  1. Switch off the device using pressing the power button and then selecting the switch off option.
  2. Make use of Q-pin to remove the SIM card. Q-pin to detach the SIM card.
  3. Place the cards into the other slot.
  4. Turn on the device and examine if the error message appears.

8- Change your SIM card

If neither of the options above work, you can contact your wireless carrier’s customer support department to determine if the SIM card is not working. If so you need to replace it and then insert it in your mobile device.

You can still try using the original SIM card with an alternative device to make sure that the issue isn’t connected to the card.


Sim not provisioned mm#2 your phone is showing a no sim error . This message occurs in the event that your SIM card does not connect to a network provider. It usually happens when you’ve just purchased an updated phone or SIM card, however it could also happen in cases where the SIM card and phone aren’t new. There are a variety of ways to resolve the problem that are described in the article.



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