What Is Com.facebook.katana and How To Remove It?

If you’re the Android user or are using an iPhone, you may have encountered the com.facebook.katana app and you are confused about what it is. A few people have experienced pop-ups relating to Facebook’s Facebook Katana, and have developed cold chills due to the fact that they don’t understand what the code actually means.

Be assured that the katana application isn’t an infection or bloatware and is not a threat to the security of your Android phone to harmful programs. But, you may be wondering what it is, and you may even wonder what you can do to permanently erase the Facebook app katana on you Android phone. Continue reading this article to learn more about the app, including details about its removal.

What exactly is com.facebook.katana in Android?

The first step is to understand exactly what com.facebook.katana means before going into the nitty-gritty information about its purpose on your device. In simple terms the Facebook katana is the Facebook Katana is the code name of Facebook’s official application. Facebook.

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The majority of phones come with the Facebook application preinstalled on the device, and some have an application called com.facebook.katana and application by the time you first start using these apps. What about phones without Facebook?

The com.facebook.katana in your Android files automatically downloaded once it is installed the Facebook application. That means, whether you own a device that has Facebook preinstalled or you go through the download process yourself then you’ll see the Facebook Facebook Katana in your calendar of activities.

Is com.facebook.katana app a virus?

Numerous third-party apps like can spread or expose devices to malware and viruses. programs. People are concerned that the same is the case with Facebook. Facebook Katana.

We are pleased to announce the fact that com.facebook.katana can be described as a secure application program and does not expose devices to virus, nor expose it to harmful viruses. So you are sure of the security of your device when watching videos and video calling friends via Facebook.

Do you think com facebook’s katana is spyware or bloatware?

Other concerns with com.facebook.katana android applications is that they are spyware or bloatware. Bloatware is an app that inadvertently consumes Android phone resources, which can compromise the functions of other apps.

In particular, they consume more memory and storage space than they actually need and leave only a small amount left for the other programs. It’s good to know that the facebook com Facebook Katana application consumes memory and space, but adheres to the allocations the system makes to it, which means it doesn’t compromise the capabilities of other apps.

You might also be wondering what com.facebook.katana could be malware or one these apps that track your actions and transmit the information to third party. You’ll be happy to learn that Facebook app and its application package katana facebook com are safe. Facebook app as well as its app package, Facebook katana are secure.

While they connect to Facebook servers and offer information about the status of the app however, they’re programmed to ensure that they don’t divulge your personal information.

What are the main issues related to the app Katana?

Every app running in the and Android devices is not without a problem or two. And you might be interested in learning about the most significant issues with the Facebook app and its com.facebook.katana android application.

One thing you need be aware of is that this codename uses energy while you are using the Facebook application. So, your battery gets depleted for as long as you are using the app and you may have to recharge devices from time the.

Second it is true that the Facebook Katana app and its office files consume the storage and memory space. Of course it is true that the amount of space and memory used by the app’s files is minimal however when they are added with other apps’ storage or memory usage, the files can become significant. But, you have to take your time and not worry so long as you ensure that you do not download any other apps recommended by Facebook.

Do I have to delete the Facebook katana app from my Android application?

As with many You may be concerned about com.Facebook.katana and are wondering whether it’s worth keeping, or if you should remove it. As we’ve seen it is safe to delete it’s not a virus. Facebook app doesn’t contain virus-free, nor will it expose your phone to harmful software.

There is a chance that you need a reason to erase the application and the folders/files it contains. It is important to know you Android phone doesn’t require the com Facebook catana in order to work however, it definitely requires it to function properly. of the Facebook application.

In addition, keep in mind that you are not able to remove the application on its on its own since it’s connected with Facebook. Instead, you have to remove the app permanently. Facebook application in order to completely delete the katana application as well.

What’s the meaning?

It’s as simple as that; so long as you are still using the Facebook application, you are unable to erase its associated katana Facebook application.

How can I get rid of Facebook’s com.facebook.katana Android app?

Have you made the decision to delete permanently com.Facebook.katana Android app? Follow through our four easy step-by- guideline to remove the Facebook katana from your phone. Facebook Katana on your phone.

1. Remove the Facebook application from the screen.

This is a great option for phones running Android, if they was not equipped with the Facebook application installed and you needed to download and install it yourself.

The removal of the app from the display is as easy as pressing the long-press button on the Facebook application and then clicking ‘ Uninstall‘ to remove the application.

If Facebook is removed then the Facebook katana android app is deleted. Facebook application for Android, Katana, is immediately removed too.

Second Step: Remove Facebook from the Settings

If you have downloaded or set up Facebook onto your gadget, but isn’t able to delete it from your screen, you are able to access it from in the Settings menu to deinstall it. This will uninstall the Facebook katana application by com Facebook. Follow the steps below;

  • Select”main menu” and choose Settings.
  • Visit Apps
  • Tap and locate Facebook
  • You can confirm the deletion by clicking ‘ Uninstall. This deletes permanently the com.facebook.katana application for Android.

3. Deleting the Facebook app by using the system app remover

The System apps removers assist you in uninstalling apps that were preinstalled on devices. They can be useful for uninstalling Facebook when your device was preinstalled with it. Then follow the steps to take the action

  • Utilizing a Internet browser install the System Remover application of your preference
  • Start the application
  • Utilizing the search icon, find the Facebook application
  • Confirm that the deletion has been completed by clicking ” Remove.’
  • The app and both the app and com.facebook.katana application is removed.

Step 4: Uninstall Facebook app using system debug

Debugging the System as well as ADBroute or ADBroute is a great way to uninstall preinstalled applications on devices. If this is the case for your Facebook app, then this technique is a great option, with the caveat you need root access to the phone.

It is possible to read the Android Rooting Guide for instructions regarding this. Once you’ve gained access to root follow the steps below to remove the Facebook application and the com.facebook.katana application;

  1. To access Settings, go to the menu at top, select System and then About Phone.
  2. You can activate the Developer Options on your phone through tappingon the Build number seven to ten times
  3. Access Settings from the main menu . gain access to the Developer Settings by tapping
  4. Press on USB Debugging to activate it. Then then go to Chrome or any other browser for downloading ADB on your personal computer.
  5. Download the zip file into a folder, then start the folder.
  6. Hold and press the Shift button for a short time Then do a double click at a blank space
  7. Open PowerShell window Here The message will appear open, click it, and start typing ‘ adb devices
  8. Connect the smartphone using a cable the smartphone to the computer
  9. Type the command line, ‘adb shell pm uninstall -user 0 com.facebook.katana,’ press Enter, and let the command run to delete the app completely. The Facebook app disappears along with the facebook app for katana as well as its folders.


Com.facebook.katana is the application or codename of the Facebook application. It is the basis of every action you take on Facebook and your experience wouldn’t be as great without it. While some may think it’s malware, software or spyware, we’re pleased to inform you the application and the files it contains are secure and do not include any of the programs listed. So, you are able to have fun on Facebook without having to worry about everything. If you want to get rid of the Facebook Katana app, you must also delete the Facebook application as well. The article outlines four methods to deactivate Facebook and you can choose which method is best for you.


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