What Is Security Log Agent and How To Disable It?

If you own a Samsung device. You may have noticed an application called the Security Log Agentandroid application in Google Activity, and you may be wondering what it is. It is the Android securitylogagent is an essential system. It is compatible with both older and brand new Samsung models which means you don’t have anything to be concerned about. This article clarifies your concerns by presenting thoughts on what it’s about. If it’s safe, and what you can do to stop it.

What is a security log agent? Android application?

The most crucial thing to know about an Android app is what exactly it does before you get to the little specifics. Security log agent: The Security Log Agent is an integrated system application which comes with Samsung devices. It examines your device’s security logs.

The app can help the phone identify and detect illegal actions, accesses, or logs that can cause security issues. Securitylogagent isn’t an security lock that can block unauthorised logs, but it does alert the device to logs.

What is the importance of the securitylogagent?

A majority of the built-in apps, such as security log agents or are running in the background and you may not use it on a regular basis. You might be wondering what role they play for you on the phone. Android phone.

This app is crucial to ensure the safety of your phone it runs in the background. It analyzes all security logs and, if it discovers access to any account that has security issues, it will notify you. It also displays an alert on the screen of the phone.


The most common security alert message states, ‘Unauthorized activities have been identified. Restart your device to undo any unauthorized changes.’

Is the security log agent application is secure?

Technology is constantly evolving and promises us great things each day however, the data security and integrity breaches are growing. A lot of people are victims after they are unaware of the fact that they have leaked personal data to third-party organizations or use their personal information for illegal activities.

Unfortunately, certain applications, particularly those from third parties are connected to these activities. For example an employee could be working on downloading corporate data and be requested to download a certain application. The action of performing instructions could signal the entry of a virus on the device.

Based on the information above many people are skeptical of applications, particularly those that they don’t regularly use and aren’t familiar with like an agent for security monitoring android application or

Indeed, numerous clients have asked us if this application can be considered malware, or even bloatware or spyware similar to  If you’re equally concerned about this, you’ll be glad to be assured that this app is a secure app which won’t cause harm to your Android. In addition, it consumes only a tiny amount of the device’s resources, including memory and storage.

Are you able to deactivate the application?

Even though you are aware of the functions of the application called security log agent discussed in this article you may still need to turn it off, possibly due to a slowing of your system.

If you’re able to disable or remove the app but you must remember that removing or disabling the app could mean your phone won’t be able to take advantage on certain things.

For instance it won’t look through security logs, which means that it cannot find security threats.

How can I disable the Security Log Agent Android application?

It is important to note that the security log application is an system application so you can’t disable it in the normal way you would do with apps from third-party vendors.

Most of the time, the process is a prerequisite for the root privilege, which will get by following the android rooting guide’s instructions. You may use any of the following steps to disable the security logs agent;

Using package disabler app

Package disabler applications help to block specific applications on the system that are not able to be shut down in normal circumstances. It requires root access to take this way.

Once you’ve gained root access Download an app to disable packages such as package disabler or service disabler pro for your device.

  • Launch it and click on the search bar.
  • Enter’security log agent’ and search for it.
  • Choose the option to disable.
  • Confirm the confirmation by clicking ‘yes or ‘ok.’

Utilizing titanium backup

Another option to disable the log-logging security feature is to use the titanium backup option, which also requires access to the root.

It’s only a couple of steps, and after that you’ve obtained root access to the device.

  • Download the Titanium backup app’ to your Android phone
  • Start it.
  • Enter “security log agent” in its search bar, and find it.
  • You can disable the app by pressing ‘Freeze.’


The Security Log Agent is a built-in application on the majority of Samsung devices. It helps users examine security logs and detect any illegal actions. The application runs in the background and you can verify this by looking at Google Activity. Many people are concerned about the dangers of this application, but you could be happy to learn that the securitylogagent app is safe. It’s not recommended to be deleted however, you can choose to deactivate it, it is possible to do so. It is possible to use titanium backup and package disabler applications such as the service disabler and package disabler pro.



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